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40 pages (Stapled), published by Docc Co.
Illustrated with drawings
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Docc Hilford What is Real Time Mentalism?
Docc Hilford 1ntroduct1on
Docc Hilford T3mp3st "Tempest", question written on billet and hidden on on of three cups, billet is located and performer gives answer to question, Hummer Monte
Docc Hilford D3vil D1c3 "Devil Dice", total of three dice predicted on a prediction in wallet
Docc Hilford D1c1ph3r Bars "Dicipher Bars", four bars with different numbers on each side are placed and sum instantly named by performer
Docc Hilford H3r Numb3r "Her Number", two people write phone numbers of friends and their numbers on a business card, performer divines which number belongs to which person and divines one number
Docc Hilford L1br3tta M1nut1a "Libretta Minutia", three numbered cards are selected and used to form page number, word is divined
Docc Hilford Ou1 Jan "Oui Jan", number up to ten is revealed using ouija board, clock trick procedure
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