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Justin Higham Foreword on producing named cards from a shuffled deck
Justin Higham Shuffled Three Location spectator names cards, performer removes Three of Spades, spectator riffle shuffles and cuts Three into deck which is used to locate selection, with method to get named card openly under control while removing the Three of Spades
Inspired by 6
Justin Higham Top/Bottom Discrepancy Spread Switch performer spreads, then squares both halves in the hands and thumbs off card from originally bottom instead of center
Also published here 6
Christian Gambin Named-Card Spell named card spelled to from reversed Ace of Spades indicator
Inspired by 7
Justin Higham If Anyone Can, ACAAN card named, Jokers removed, any number from ten to fifty named and card found there
Inspired by 8
Justin Higham Multiple Necktie Second Deal second and third card taken out together, deck held upright
Justin Higham The Lady Has It spectator riffle shuffles and removes top card and repeats this until three cards are tabled, one chosen, it is predicted on a postcard (two-way out)
  • A Marked Improvement
Two-Key Riffle Shuffle spectator riffle shuffles with a key on each half
Edward Marlo Three-Card Equivoque
Related to 11
Justin Higham Combination Cull-Addition Effect strip-out addition with spread-culled cards, applied to an effect in which the four Aces change to a named four-of-a-kind
Related toAlso published here 13
Justin Higham From Hull to London card named, spectator stabs Ace of Spades between two card of the same value and suit, actual named card is found in wallet as prediction
  • End Notes
  • Regular Wallet Handling
Inspired by 15
Justin Higham Regular Wallet Handling palm-loading into an ungaffed wallet
Justin Higham Invisible Thought Manifested card thought of from ten-card packet is removed invisible and is named, then reappears
Inspired by 18
Justin Higham Impromptu Six-Card Repeat Addition addition from sleeve
Related to 19
Justin Higham Quicksilver "Six or seven (or more) fours of a kind and other poker hands are produced from a genuinely shuffled deck."
  • Phase One (Eight-Card Spread-Separation Cull)
  • Phase Two (Prefigured Full House Poker Deal)
  • Phase Three (Improvised)
  • Phase Four (Impromptu Illogical Prefiguration / Unimpaired Prefiguration)
  • Phase Five (Alternative for the Streamlined Overhand Cull-Stack)
  • Phase Six (Improvised, 100% Production)
  • End Notes
  • Credits
  • Final Thoughts
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