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Justin Higham Foreword
Justin Higham Pseudo Drop Cut triple cut to table, actually straight cut or cut to a break or double cut substitute
Related to 1
Justin Higham Pre-Faroed Shank Shuffle Zarrow/Shank shuffle convincer with ribbon spread before square-up (deck left in slight reverse faro condition)
Inspired byRelated to 3
Justin Higham Notes on the Shank Shuffle handling the unweave and lifting of one half, Oeink
  • Spring-Off Method
  • Failed Square-Up Method
Justin Higham False-Count False Shuffle Control fake take
Inspired by 6
Justin Higham False-Count Shuffle fake take
Also published here 6
Justin Higham Covered D'Amico Multiple Shift sliding block
Inspired by 7
David Davies Sliding Block Timing
Related to 7
Justin Higham Longitudinal Steal-Load card second from bottom is transferred into center with the longitudinal palm
Related to 8
Justin Higham Spread-Count Poker 6 groups spread off and dropped onto table to stack Royal Flush which starts on top, drop stack
Related to 11
Justin Higham, Will Houstoun Eight-Card Spread-Separation Cull drop-stacking a hand on the fly
  • End Notes
Inspired byRelated to 12
Justin Higham Acting Out Erdnase doing the cut slowly for effect
Related to 13
Justin Higham Pseudo Riffle Cull a la The 75% Production locating / producing a four-of-a-kind via improvisation
  • 100% Pseudo Riffle Cull-Stack
Inspired by 14
Justin Higham Illogical-Reversal Stab card or business card stabbed between two selections or predicted cards, using the Bruce Cervon Invisible Reverse
Related to 15
Bruce Cervon Invisible Reverse card is reversed in center as deck is turned over
Also published here 15
Justin Higham Charlier's Ambition routine with block turnover
  • First Phase
  • Second Phase
  • Third Phase
  • Climax Phase
Inspired by 17
Ken Krenzel, Justin Higham Block Turnover Handling choreography for turning sideways
Justin Higham Impromptu Six-Card Repeat ends with a Six spot card
Related to 21
Victor Farelli Double Push-Off
Related to 21
Less-as-More Count
Pull-Down Undercount
Justin Higham Skype Detector eight cards binary sorting
Related to 24
Justin Higham Limited-Selection NoBo
Inspired by 25
Justin Higham Further Notes on Mindreader's Lucid Dream finding thought-of-card, and producing other three mates on top of three piles as surprise kicker, breather crimp
Inspired by 26
Justin Higham HaLo Think-a-Card selection process for a multiple out ending
Inspired by 28
Justin Higham Stenographic Aces
Inspired byRelated to 29
Justin Higham Pseudo 2002nd Aces spectator can freely choose the leader packet
Inspired by 32
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