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Title Subtitle Year
Card Tricks for the Untrustworthy The Usual Suspect Lecture Notes 2011
The Brown Shoes Lecture Notes (or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Teach Some Card Tr... 2012
Notes From A Mechanic The Motor City Lecture Notes 2014
Things to do in Denver when you're dead The Rocky Mountain Session Lecture Notes 2019

The Magic of Steven Hamilton
Steve Lindsay: More than a Magician

Nursery Rhymes — Volume 3
final approaches on "antiquated moss-covered ruses"

Title Subtitle Year
A Miracle Discovery 1953
Book of Oopses Being a collection of thrilling experiments in which the ... 1966

Title Subtitle Year
Humbug 1994
Out of Order Now with Expanded Instructions 1995

Francis Carlyle Lecture Notes
Volume One: The Underground Archive Series
1985 ca.

Title Subtitle Year
Revolutionary Close Up — Part One A Selection of Original Close Up Routines and Concepts 1973 (ca.)
Enigma A Magic Lecture 1976
Conjuror's Journal 1979
Carney Knowledge 1983
Notebook 1986 (ca.)
Carney Uncovered 1987
Carney Up Close 1987
Lecture Notes Collection [untitled] 1987
Torn & Restored 1995
The Book of Secrets Lessons for Progressive Conjuring 2002
Magic by Design Study, Practice and Presentation 2009
Mr. Mysto's Wizard Academy Simple Magic & Stunts 2011
Sleights & Insights 2020
Suite for Coins & Handkerchief Legerdemain — One 2021

Title Subtitle Year
Castle Collection 1994
The Expert's Portfolio No. 1 1997
Angels May Shuffle but the Devil Still Deals The Card Hustler's Secret Weapon 1999
Ultimate False Dealing Demonstration 2006
Pasteboard Palette Eight Cardscapes form the mind of Jack Carpenter 2006
The Expert's Portfolio No. 2 2017

Title Subtitle Year
Pseudo-Mentally Yours Supplement No. 2 To Invocation 1977 1977
Screen Test Psychic Entertainers Association Restricted Release No. 3 1981
The Art of Mentalism 1984
The Art of Mentalism 2 1995
The Artful Mentalism of Bob Cassidy 2004
The Artful Mentalism of Bob Cassidy — Volume 2: Fundame... 2013

Further Flight
a yod manuscript

Magic With Giant Cards
A Lecture by Fred Castle

Title Subtitle Year
Magicomedy A serious look at some humorous magic 1981
Ideas 1982
Magic From The Soul 1993
Wise Guy from the street to the screen 1993
The New Orleans Soirée Society of American Magicians - New Orleans, Louisiana, J... 1993
The Conference Illusions research, rethink, rebuild, and restage classic illusions... 2013
Wonders the long, slow process of creating magic for the real world 2013

Title Subtitle Year
Card Secrets of Bruce Cervon The Real Work Series #1 1976
The Cervon Monte The Real Work Series #2 1984
Tricks of Conjuring 1985 (ca.)
The Cervon File 1988
Ultra Cervon 1990
Bruce Cervon's Castle Notebooks — Volume 1 Notebooks 1, 2, 3 (1964-1965) 2007

Title Subtitle Year
The Mental Mysteries of Hector Chadwick 2008
Vok Voak Vokay A set of miscellaneous thoughts, notes & doodles relating... 2014
Miscellanea A Pamphlet by Hector Chadwick 2016

Chap's Scrapbook
July 1938 — Juni 1940

Faro Fundamentals
An Introduction to Faro Shuffle Technique, Theory and App...

Title Subtitle Year
Workers Number 1 Routines form the Professional Repertoire of Michael Close 1990
Workers Number 2 More Routines form the Professional Repertoire of Michael... 1991
Workers Number 3 Further Routines form the Professional Repertoire of Mich... 1993
A Workers Series Sampler 1994
Workers Number 4 Yet Still More Further Routines From The Professional Rep... 1994
Workers Number 5 1996

Title Subtitle Year
50 Faces North 2012
A Trick for Chuck 2012
The Visible Deck 2012
CTRL A collection of card controls for the modern card conjuro... 2012
Chasing Dovetails The Notes 2012
The Acorn Notes An Unofficial Guide To The Expert At The Card Table 2019

Title Subtitle Year
Evergreen Astonishing Essays 1: Timeless Magic in the Age of Trends 2018
Max Malini King of Magicians — Magician of Kings 2022

Title Subtitle Year
FISM Lecture Notes 1991
The Close-Up Magic of Aldo Colombini 1994
What's Up Deck? A notebook on card magic 1995
Throw in the Sponge A Funny and Commercial Sponge Ball Routine 1996
Standing Room Only A Lecture on Stand-Up Magic 2000
Killer Koncepts A Koncise Kollaborative Kompendium of Kommercial Killer K... 2004

Title Subtitle Year
Theseus A Magical Journey 2021
Lorem Ipsum Style Over Substance 2021

Title Subtitle Year
Der Zauberspiegel Illustrierte Fachzeitschrift für Salon-Magie — Vol. 1-5 1895-1898,1904-1905
Der moderne Kartenkünstler 1896

The Pat Way to Con
The original magic of Pat Conway

Title Subtitle Year
The Swami Gimmick Step 1 of Thirteen Steps to Mentalism 1958
Pencil, Lip, Sound, Touch and Muscle Reading Step 2 of Thirteen Steps to Mentalism 1958
Mnemonics and Mental Systems Step 3 of Thirteen Steps to Mentalism 1958
Predictions Step 4 of Thirteen Steps to Mentalism 1958
Blindfolds & X-Ray Eyes Step 5 of Thirteen Steps to Mentalism 1958
Card Tricks Step 10 of Thirteen Steps to Mentalism 1959
Question and Answer (Readings) Step 11 of Thirteen Steps to Mentalism 1959
Billets Step 6 of Thirteen Steps to Mentalism 1959
Book Tests Step 7 of Thirteen Steps to Mentalism 1959
Two Person Telepathy Step 8 of Thirteen Steps to Mentalism 1959
Mediumistic Stunts Step 9 of Thirteen Steps to Mentalism 1959
Publicity Stunts Step 12 of Thirteen Steps to Mentalism 1960
Patter and Presentation Step 13 of Thirteen Steps to Mentalism 1960

Issues One — Four

Title Subtitle Year
Unterhaltung durch Illusion 1988
Das Buch zur Body-Servante 1990
Hung-Up 1990
The Magic is You 1990
Zodiak nach Ideen von Ken de Courcy, Ted Lesley und Alexander de... 1990
Mindwalk nach Ideen von Ted Lesley, Alan Shaxon, Al Koran 1990
Horizons Seminarunterlagen von Alexander de Cova 1990
Falschzählmethoden Zaubertechnik Nr. 1 1990
3 ausgefallene Routinen zur Balducci-Wallet 1991
Flash-Restauration 1991
Heba's Fez 1991
Das Alexander de Cova Seminar Saalbach-Hinterglemm 1991 1991
Am Close-up Tisch Seminarunterlagen 1991
Avantgarde Magic Ein magisches Journal von Alexander de Cova 1991-1993
Magic for You! 1992
Ein Profi packt aus... Professionelle Routinen aus der Praxis 1992
Seminarnotizen Steyr 1993 1993
Das Alexander de Cova Seminar 1993 Neuartige Routinen & Ideen aus der Praxis 1993
Secrets No. 1 1994
Seminar 1994 1994
Mini-Seminar 1995 1995
Verblüffend Einfach — Einfach Verblüffend 1995
Straßenzauberkunst Ein praktischer Leitfaden 1995
Seminarunterlagen 1997 1997
Secrets No. 2 1998
Homemade Magic Das Alexander de Cova Seminar 2002
Power Workshop Ideen und Hinweise für ambitionierte Zauberkünstler 2002
D-E-C-O-V-A Formel 2003
Gambit Unterlagen zum Seminar 2003 2003
Treasures Lecture Notes by Alexander de Cova 2004
Forte-X 2005
Symbolicus 2005
Boxed Transposition A novel card routine 2005
The California Lecture 2006 2006
Misdirection Kit Eine detaillierte Abhandlung zum Thema der bewussten Lenk... 2006
Seminar 1516 2007
Pokerama Eine Falschspiel-Routine 2007
Seminar 2007 Herausgegeben anlässlich des Zauberkongresses in Sindelf... 2007
Out of my Sporran 2008
Seminar Saalbach 2010 2010
Scrapbook Sample Issue A magazine for all lovers of magic & mentalism 2010
Better Than Hartz 4 Tricks, Ideen und Anregungen 2010
Seminar-Leviten Notizen zum Seminar "Mistèir" von Alexander de Cova 2011
Tamariz Legesystem in 5 Tagen 1. Wiener Magische Skriptensammlung 2012
New Avantgarde Magic Das unabhängige magische Magazin von Alexander de Cova 2012-2014
Ron Jaxon's Bill Burner Clear 2013
Horizons — Das Alexander de Cova Seminar 1986 1. Wiener Magische Skriptenreihe 2013
Scrapbook A Magazine for Magicians and Mentalists 2013-2014
Zaubertricks einkaufen Gedanken von Alexander de Cova zum Thema Trickeinkauf und... 2014
The Traveller Locked Books Series No. 2 2014
Burners — Vol. 1 Geile Tricks die funzen 2015
Burners — Vol. 2 Geile Tricks, die funzen! 2015
Burners — Vol. 3 Geile Tricks, die funzen! 2015
Arbeitsbuch Misdirection 2016
Burners — Vol. 4 Geile Tricks, die funzen! 2016
Burners — Vol. 5 Geile Tricks, die funzen! 2016
Arbeitsbuch Daumenspitze 2017
Ultimate Chair Routine 2017
Arbeitsbuch Wäscheklammer Austausch 2018
Burners — Vol. 6 Geile Tricks, die funzen! 2018

Title Subtitle Year
Select Secrets Revised and Enlarged 1941/49
Full Deck of Impromptu Card Tricks 1943
Practical Mental Effects A comprehensive collection of the best mental tricks of r... 1944
Jardine Ellis Ring on Stick and Ring on Rope 1952
Two Jardine Ellis Ring-On-Ribbon Routines 1953
Okito Coin Box Routines 1963

Title Subtitle Year
Roger's Thesaurus A Modern Treatise on the Art of Card Magic 1994
Roger's Real Gone Aces 1997
Arcardia 1999

Title Subtitle Year
from a shuffled deck in use... Part One Part One and Part Two combined in one booklet 1996
from a shuffled deck in use... Part Two Part One and Part Two combined in one booklet 1996
Tricks of my Trade The Magic of Doug Conn 1999

Close Up / Bühne