Written by Mortenn Christiansen
Work of Mortenn Christiansen
59 pages (Stapled), published by Selfpublished
Illustrated with drawings by Mads Hjeds Strange
Language: English
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Mortenn Christiansen Hello
Mortenn Christiansen The Jumbo Five of Hearts Card Trick jumbo card as prediction, card freely chosen is matching, featuring a switch with the jumbo card, Smart-Ass selection procedure
Inspired by
  • Smart-Ass, Bill Abbott (marketed item)
Mortenn Christiansen No, that is my card spectator selects card from the face-down deck, blank card with "No" gag, on every card is written "yes"
Tony Kardyro, Edward Marlo K.M. Move brief
Mortenn Christiansen Clear Stage Force grid of cards taped onto clear large sheet of plastic, one card chosen and pulled off, all other cards shown by turning clear plexiglass sheet over
Mortenn Christiansen Some Thoughts on Learning Magic
Mortenn Christiansen The Mis-Made Torn and Restored Set List gag set list is torn and restored in new order, ends clean
Mortenn Christiansen Take Annnnny Card long spread between hands that defies gravity
Related to 40
Mortenn Christiansen Stage Coin Vanish + Metal Detector coin vanishes and reappears multiple times, using electronic metal detector, card-to-coin ending
Mortenn Christiansen Time To Say Goodbye
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