Written by John Carney

Work of John Carney

57 pages (Paperback), published by Magical Publications
Illustrated with drawings by Steve Carlson.
Language: English

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John Carney Preface - "The Forgotten Page"
Dai Vernon Introduction 3
John Carney The Logic of Deception essay on magic as an art 5
John Carney Simple Coins Across coins travel from hand to hand, final coin to spectator's hand 6
Charles Morritt Purse Palm brief 6
John Carney Study essay on how to practice and adapt routines 10
John Carney Gaffed Coins Across with shellInspired by 12
John Carney Presentation essay on audience management and routining 15
John Carney 1/2 & 2/4 half dollar changes into 2 quarters and then back again a number of times 16
Dai Vernon A New Coin Change briefRelated to 16
John Carney The Importance of Concepts discussion on importance of magic principles and references for further reading 19
John Carney The Logical Bill Trick three coins produced from bill, bill changes denomination at conclusion 21
John Carney Effect essay on effect objectives, presentation and performance style 26
John Carney Card in Matchbox lighter changes to matchbox into which the selected card ends up (uses duplicate)Variations 27
John Carney Hindu Force Handling Related to 27
John Carney Conviction essay on power of belief and consistency of action 29
John Carney Straightforward Card in Balloon impromptu, balloon bursts in contact with hot matchVariations 30
John Carney Routining thoughts on routine construction 33
John Carney In the Hands Monte monte sequence - last phase has money card penetrating hands and deck onto spectators hand 34
Carmen D'Amico D'Amico Spread brief 35
Tony Kardyro, Edward Marlo KM Move brief 36
John Carney Naturalness thoughts 38
John Carney, S. W. Erdnase Full Deck Vanish extensionInspired by 39
John Carney Moves - Use and Abuse thoughts 44
John Carney Kitty's Treat coin routine "explained" via surprise appearance of mouseVariations 45
John Carney Entertainment thoughts 48
John Carney Crystal Sugar sugar cubes routine, turn into a crystal 50
John Carney Crystal Flash crystal inside handkerchief lights up over selection 52
John Carney Respect for Art thoughts 56
John Carney In Conclusion 57