Written by Stanley Collins
Work of Stanley Collins
48 pages (Stapled), published by The Kent & Surrey Press
Illustrated with drawings
Language: English
20 entries
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Stanley Collins The "T-Square" Colour Change card pushed into deck perpendicular, when removed and turned over, it has changed
Stanley Collins The Comedy of Errors three wrong cards found and last one placed in pocket, the first two turn into selection and back, the pocketed card is then shown to be the selection
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Stanley Collins Pretended Pocket Placement card placed in pocket and palmed out again
Stanley Collins "Jumbo" Comedy of Errors three wrong cards found, the first two turn into selection and back, the third card is then shown to be the selection, with jumbo cards
Inspired by 12
Jumbo Cards Injog Shuffle
Stanley Collins All Fours performer finds three times the Four of Hearts, each time it is placed on the table, deck shown as all Fours, then normal again, indifferent card is placed in pocket and left protruding, tabled cards change into selections and pocketed card is Four of Hearts
Stanley Collins All Alike Display deck shown as all duplicates, first glides, then second deals, then tip-over switch
Related to
  • "A Dozen of Magic" (A. C. P. Medrington, p. 6)
Stanley Collins Tip-Over Switch
Related to 18
Stanley Collins A.J.A.X. 2 performer and spectator each receive two cards in a mock game, performer wins, the four cards change to all Jacks, then to letter cards which spell AJAX
Inspired by 20
Stanley Collins A.J.A.X. 3 spectator selects four cards, one is a Jack, they are mixed and spectator always finds the Jack, once the audience suspects that all are Jacks they are turned over and spell AJAX
Inspired by 22
Stanley Collins Red and Blue (A "Jumbo" Card Effect)
blue-backed black Aces and red-backed red Aces are removed, the backs transpose, using jumbo cards, temporary double backers
Stanley Collins Optical Monte Move with odd-backed pair of back-to-back cards
Stanley Collins Pictures and Pips packet of picture cards and packet of number cards transpose
Stanley Collins Given the Slip Transfer
Related to 28
Stanley Collins A Card Comedy card chosen and lost, spectator names number, card counted to, spectator claims it's not his card but deck shown as one-way deck, gag with stooge
Stanley Collins The Homing Aces four Aces through cloth one by one with one cardboard cover
Inspired by
  • "Sympathetic Aces" (Stanley Collins, with double facer)
Stanley Collins Flip Switch switch with cardboard cover, use in assembly routine
Also published here 33
Stanley Collins The "Esscee" Cards and Cords deck with two wholes, one on either side, and two cords through the whole deck, deck opened and cord cut at that point, then it restores
Stanley Collins Cards, Crayons and Cross-Words eight cards selected from a frame with all cards visible, their value is then spelled out in a cross-word puzzle layout
Stanley Collins Frame Card Force miniature cards are in a frame, cards chosen from the back are forced
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