Written by Aldo Colombini
Work of Aldo Colombini
172 pages (Hardcover), published by L&L Publishing
Illustrated with drawings by Tom Jorgenson
Language: English
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Aldo Colombini A Few Words to the Reader...
Bob Elliott Introduction
Aldo Colombini Back and Forth Sandwich black card between black Kings transposes with red card between red Kings
Related to 1
Aldo Colombini Follow This! card chosen, Triumph in which deck except selection changes back color
Aldo Colombini Under-the-Table Force
Aldo Colombini Love Affair selection and unknown blue-backed card travel together and fuse into one card
Inspired by 6
Aldo Colombini Easy Location card and its position remembered, it is then found by spelling another card
Aldo Colombini Fast Food two cards vanish between three Jokers, they reappear in deck
Aldo Colombini Zig Zag three selections match three prediction cards
Aldo Colombini F.F.F.F. four selections lost, spectator cuts deck in four piles, Aces on top, selection found in another cut-off packet as well
Inspired by
  • Randy Wakeman effect as performed on FFFF
Aldo Colombini North by Northwest three four-card packets, selection jumps from packet to packet
Aldo Colombini Missing
Aldo Colombini Ranka-Chank Britland style
Aldo Colombini Switchless Switch Unload Variation
Inspired by 21
Aldo Colombini Back to the Future two black Aces produced and tabled, two face-down cards are shown in face-up spread, they are the black Aces and tabled Aces are now red Aces
Aldo Colombini Never Say Dice Ace, Two and Three of Hearts on table with dice on top with the same number upwards, cards follow when dice are changes, Royal Flush transformation as finale
Inspired by 25
Aldo Colombini Can't Play Your Game ten red and black cards, two selections are told to transpose, packets transpose instead
Related to 28
Fred Kaps Curious Count Handling six, seven, eight or nine
Aldo Colombini Hats Off three-card location
Aldo Colombini Sandwich For You card travels between tabled sandwich, smiling mule gag
Aldo Colombini The Old Romantics four Aces of Hearts are produced, the change into the four different Aces
Harry Lorayne Illogical Double Lift
Aldo Colombini Mambo Jack selection lost, Jacks change into four Jokers, then into four-of-a-kind matching selection
Aldo Colombini Havana Sandwich spectator locates Aces on either side of a selection, selection then travels between two other sandwich cards in the deck, duplicate
Inspired by
  • "Havana" (Andre Robert, Card Creations)
Aldo Colombini Poker Coins performer cuts deck into four piles and four cards are left on the table, they are the Aces, coin is found under each
Aldo Colombini Triumph Trio Queens are only reversed cards in the end
Aldo Colombini Champagne Ace through Four assemble, then change, packet trick with twelve blank cards
Aldo Colombini Italian Heart card selected, deck riffle shuffled twice, all Hearts removed, selection remains after down-under deal with all Hearts in order
Bluff Pass Riffle Force
Aldo Colombini The Killer noose formed with a rope only tightens when spectator who is holding the selection pulls it
Inspired by
  • Tom Craven effect
Aldo Colombini Formula One tabled card turns out to be later sandwiched selection
Edward Marlo Push-In Strip-Out Steal bottom card pushed in as out-jogged cards are stripped out
Also published here
  • The Linking Ring, March 1974
Aldo Colombini Las Vegas deck shuffled face-up/face-down by cutting piles on the table, two cards end up reversed sandwiching the selection
Inspired by
  • Tom Craven effect
Related to
Cut Deeper Force
Aldo Colombini Royal Flush spectator finds selection and card that completes a Royal Flush
Eddie Adams, Jon Racherbaumer Block Mexican Turnover card side-jogged for half its length, switched for top card as top half is levered over
Also published here 63
Aldo Colombini Colorado
Related to 65
Aldo Colombini Jumbo airplane is formed with cards, selection is found and four Aces produced as kicker
Also published here 67
Aldo Colombini Ace-mbly Kings assemble and change to Aces
Related to
  • "Acid Test Aces" (Daniel McCarthy, Sly Glances)
Also published here
Aldo Colombini Snapping rubber-banded card is inserted and drags out two selections, then the cards changes into third selection
Inspired by
  • Andre Robert routine
Aldo Colombini Four Card Display
Related to 74
Aldo Colombini Vortex two decks, various coincidences, then dealing into four piles to find Aces
Inspired by
  • Frank Pemper routine
Aldo Colombini Mini & Maxi two card prediction with jumbo Five of Hearts that has a part cut off to predict both the Five and Three
Aldo Colombini Top Control selection placed on bottom half in left hand which pushes it into top half that is one-hand-fanned in right hand
Aldo Colombini One, Two, Three, Four Aces change into Ace through Four, then other three Aces are found again
Inspired by
  • Larry Jennings effect
Frederick Braue Braue Add-On with diagram
Aldo Colombini Open Prediction dealing stopped at two cards, they are pushed reversed in deck, then are shown to match open prediction, then they change back color
Aldo Colombini Follow the... Oil and Water 10&10, combining Follows the Leader and Oil and Water, two selections are found as well
Aldo Colombini The Silence of the Kings Kings shown, they change into double backers, then Aces
Larry West, Aldo Colombini Know-a-Count Variation packet all backs display
Aldo Colombini W-Hole odd-backed card with hole in center transposes, two center-pieces of two cards transpose
Aldo Colombini Swivel Cut Lap
Aldo Colombini Well Done, Boys! four packets made, on the top are the Kings, on the bottom the Aces
Related to
  • Ed Marlo routine in Sly Glanced, p. 47
Aldo Colombini No Fake Wild Card
Brother John Hamman Hamman Count brief
Martin A. Nash Louisiana Switch tabled
Also published here 110
Aldo Colombini All the Best two black Jacks change to match selections
Aldo Colombini Aldo Count three cards shown as all alike
Aldo Colombini Foottapper card vanishes from Jacks and reappears reversed in deck, biddle trick
Edward Marlo ATFUS
Drop Switch
Aldo Colombini Koin Kut packet cut off, under that cut-off packet is found a coin, in-the-hands
Aldo Colombini Super Link link and unlink in hands of spectator, set-up between performer's fingers/fists
Inspired by 117
Aldo Colombini Hopping Cups & Balls short routine with two cups, sponge balls, purse frame
Aldo Colombini Hiccup-Coins three coins shown, two coins travel to other hand and back, extra coin
Aldo Colombini Ring on Rope, or Vice Versa
Aldo Colombini Ping Pong Routine Chinese coin transposes with a half dollar, with Okito Box and handkerchief, coin on stick
Aldo Colombini Rings Off... Rings On two key rings & rope, rings link as finale
Aldo Colombini Squeeze Ball Move ball starts between first and second finger of one hand
Aldo Colombini The Rubber Illusion card stretches between two other cards, then shrinks
Inspired by 143
Aldo Colombini The Rubber Illusion card stretches between two other cards, then shrinks
Inspired by 143
Aldo Colombini The Card That Gets Confused odd-backed card changes into three selections one by one, then becomes a gag card with various pips printed all over the face
Inspired by 149
Aldo Colombini A Mirror Will Do odd-backed blank card changes into three selections one by one, as a climax the selections become odd-backed
Also published here
  • Genii, 1991
Aldo Colombini Out of this Country spectator touches twenty-six cards
Aldo Colombini Out of Color separating the backs instead of faces, two back colors
Aldo Colombini Out of Apocalypse full deck version
Inspired by 159
Aldo Colombini Half a World Away predicting two mistake cards
Inspired by 162
Aldo Colombini Out of Suits
Aldo Colombini Matrix for Lazy People
Coin Vanish with Card
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