Written by Jose Carroll

Work of Jose Carroll

168 pages (Hardcover), published by Editorial Frakson
Illustrated with drawings by Luis H. Trueba.
Language: English

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Juan Tamariz Prologue 7
Jose Carroll Conflicts - the magic conflict
- suspense
- other techniques
- rational conflict
- the challenge
- personal conflict
Jose Carroll The Card in the Glass card put in wine glass changesVariations 34
Jose Carroll The Card Wrapped in Cellophane Paper 39
Jose Carroll The Card pierced by the Hat Pin 43
Jose Carroll The Unwary Cheater or The Nine Card Monte, ungaffedVariations 47
Fred Kaps Hamman Count Overhand Shuffle 48
S. W. Erdnase, Jose Carroll Erdnase Palm Handling here with small packet 51
Jose Carroll, Carmen D'Amico, Martin A. Nash The Economical Double Lift... And more D'Amicao replacement independently inventedInspired by 57
Jose Carroll Variations handling for unloading and inserting card for ambitious card routine 59
Dai Vernon Note 1 - The Wave Vernon Push-Off 60
Fred Kaps Note 2 - The Hop first seen from Kaps, card flips over in air 61
Jose Carroll Torn Ambition ambitious card has a corner torn off, is torn and restored at the end (minus corner)Related to 65
Wesley James, Jose Carroll Coming Up in the World adaption of the move 70
Dai Vernon Paintbrush Change 72
Jose Carroll A Triumph with Fans in the hands 79
Jose Carroll Red and Black full act, cards turn blank, red and black golves change to white 89
Jose Carroll Travellers... Through the Case signed aces from cased deck to four pockets 105
Derek Dingle A. Card to Breast Pocket Load from deck 106
Unknown B. Lapelled Palm removing one of two cards from inner pocket while palming the other 107
Neal Elias Multiple Shift 111
Paul Rosini Outside Case Load 113
Norman Houghton Pocket Load here credited to Carlyle 116
Jose Carroll The Glass Wall cards through newpaper with transparent sheet 123
Jose Carroll Blackbacked Card invisible through transparent sheet 123
Jose Carroll Thumb Palm Switch double, one card stolen 130
Jose Carroll Suit Appearance suit produced, changed to other chosen suitRelated to 137
Unknown Selfcutting Deck half the deck shoots in other hand, cuts at selection 139
Bill Simon, Jose Carroll Swivel Cut Production 141
Unknown Spin Flourish on top of deck, works with double 143
Gabriel Moreno Thumb Flip right thumb flips top card in air, works with double 144
Paul LePaul Faro Shake Out 145
Bruce Cervon Pivot Production two interlaced halves, card spins out 147
Piet Forton Pop-Out Move 148
Unknown Classic Two Card Production deck thrown, top and bottom card retained 149
Unknown Le Temps Switch 154
Jose Carroll Instructions signed card appears bound in spiralbound bookletRelated to 157