Written by Alexander de Cova
Work of Alexander de Cova
9 pages (Stapled), published by DeCovaMagic
Illustrated with photographs
Language: German
7 entries
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Alexander de Cova Premonition II with wrist watch face as cue sheet, card predicted in letter in envelope
Also published here 2
Alexander de Cova Bean Counter peanut jar, spectator estimates number of peanuts and is correct
Also published here 3
Alexander de Cova Stab in the Dark mate of free selection is stabbed by performer
Also published here 4
Alexander de Cova Karte-Chick? cigarette in mouth transforms into rolled, signed selection, Tom Mullica effect
Also published here 5
Alexander de Cova Blanko Vorhersage prediction on blank card in glass, free selection put with it into glass, both match
Also published here 6
Alexander de Cova Oel & Wasser 4&4, all-red climax
Also published here 7
Alexander de Cova Balleydesmond Polka instruction game with glasses and whiskey
Also published here 8
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