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30 pages (Stapled), published by Corinda's Magic Studio

Language: English

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Creators Title Comments & References Page Categories
Tony Corinda Introduction on medium / seance effects 275
Tony Corinda Mediumistic Patter 276
Tony Corinda Establishing "Atmosphere" in the Seance Room 277
Tony Corinda The Stage Medium 278
Tony Corinda Reference to Mediumistic Effect in Other Steps Related to 278
Tony Corinda Bibliography - Reference Books on Mediumship 279
Tony Corinda (1) Spirit Writing on slate, chemical 280
Tony Corinda (2) Spooky Stunts for a Blackout 281
Tony Corinda (3) Astral Signs signs in mid air in the dark, luminous paint 281
Tony Corinda (4) The Spirit Hand hand appears and tries to grasp at the audience, luminous paint 281
Tony Corinda (5) Carboard Skeleton luminous paint 281
Tony Corinda (6) Fire Balls table tennis balls and luminous paint 281
Tony Corinda (7) "It" luminous appearance, paint 281
Tony Corinda (10) Spirit Lights small sparks of light, wire wool and battery 281
Tony Corinda (8) Ectoplasm producing ectoplasm, luminous paint 282
Tony Corinda (9) Apports tapping noises in the dark 282
Tony Corinda (11) The Icy Hand weird touches in the dark, wet and cold 283
Tony Corinda (12) The Message in Mid Air writing appears in mid air then it vanishes, luminous paint 283
Tony Corinda (13) The Spirit Candles three candles go out one by one 283
Tony Corinda (14) The Waistcoat Escape removing waistcoat and leaving jacket on, while one hand is held by spectator 284
Tony Corinda (15) The Stage Spirit Cabinet different effects (instruments etc.) special rope 286
Punx (16) Telekinecards ESP cards on a board move on their own, as the spectator wishes, third hand gimmick 288
Eusapia Palladino (17) The Palladino Table Lift one person table lift, with ringRelated to 289
Tony Corinda (18) Table Lifting with Arm Hooks two person method 291
Tony Corinda (19) Table Lifting with Waist Hooks two person method 291
Tony Corinda (20) The Haunted Ball tennis ball rolls from table 292
Tony Corinda (21) Spirit Guide ghostly figure appears, luminous paint 293
Tony Corinda (22) The Dead Hand Writes dead hand in a box marks billet with the dead name 293
Tony Corinda (23) Corinda's Ghost Walk ghost appears, luminous paint 294
Tony Corinda (24) Spirit Moulding ghost mould his hand in wax, as a proof 295
Tony Corinda (25) Phoney Business no medium, four cards and a letter 296
Tony Corinda (26) "Yes-No" Slate Gag comedy prediction, yes/no gag 298
Tony Corinda (27) Cryptopsychism medium reveals word, code 298
Al Koran, Tony Corinda (28) The Ouija Board 299
Tony Corinda (29) Spirit Writing on a Slate writing appears, with assistant 299
Punx (30) Strike a Light match is marked an put back in matchbox, light goes out and performer strikes the initialed match and gives it to the right person, luminous paint 300