Written by Roger Crosthwaite
Work of Roger Crosthwaite
48 pages (Stapled), published by L. Davenport & Co.
Illustrated with drawings by Gary Osborne
Language: English
22 entries
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Roger Curzon The Christ Coincidence two decks, same card is chosen using the Christ Cut Force, cards found reversed in other decks
Also published here
  • Roger Curzon's "Lecture Notes 1" 1979.
Roger Crosthwaite Half a Classic multi-phase routine
  • Spectator cuts to the Aces
  • Triumph
  • Revelation of chosen card
  • Aces change into Eights, Aces found in pocket, selection in card case
Inspired by 4
Bruce Cervon Pivot Revelation biref
Roger Crosthwaite Bluff Assembly
Inspired by
  • Ed Marlo's Bluff Aces in "The Socerer's Eyes" Vol. 3, Issue 33-36.
Roger Crosthwaite, Edward Marlo The Travellers no extra card, last card travels to case
Inspired by 16
Card Case Load from Longitudinal Tenkai Palm
Roger Crosthwaite Dealer's Choice open prediction, then other two cards of same Value are produced at named number and by spelling card
Strike Second Deal brief
Strike Bottom Deal brief
Roger Crosthwaite The Lost Card
Also published here
  • Don England's "The Direct Twist" in "The Sorcerer's Eye" Vol. 3, Nr. 33-36.
Roger Crosthwaite LTP Peek Steal
Roger Crosthwaite Another Triumph four Aces face-up sandwiching selection
Inspired by
  • Gordon Springstead's routine in "The Sorcerer's Eye" Vol. 1, Nr. 11. 1977.
Roger Crosthwaite Gambler Versus Cardician dealing four hands, performer deals Aces face-up in his hand, different back color of the Aces as climax
Inspired by
  • Milton Kort's "Off-Colour Aces" in "Off-Colour Card Tricks"
Roger Crosthwaite Think-a-Card
Related to 34
Roger Crosthwaite Repeat Card to Case
Roger Crosthwaite The Crystal Ball spectator's thought card is only blue card in red deck, using two decks
Roger Crosthwaite Sepearations Effect 1: Reds and Blacks
four hands dealt, and two cards placed on table, performer matches color sequences of all hands by dealing cards as well, reds and blacks are dealt and eventually colors are separated
Inspired by 38
Roger Crosthwaite Effect 2: Joker Separation 4x4
Roger Crosthwaite Stereophonic Aces Aces lost and cut to one-handed
  • Variation One: Any Ace Called For
  • Variation Two: Subtle Control Aces
Inspired by 44
Roger Crosthwaite Mated Updated Again! spectator finds two mates, with five variations
Inspired by
  • Mated! (Harry Lorayne, 1962)
  • Dave Solomon's "Quadruple Profit" in "Sticks and Stones" No. 7, 1977.
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