Written by Franklin M. Chapman
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Franklin M. Chapman Quick Tricks
Franklin M. Chapman An Egg Bag - Maybe with filled whiskey glass production as climax
Also published here 1
Franklin M. Chapman Cigarette to Carnation lit cigarette to small flower bouquet which is attached to lapel
Franklin M. Chapman Cigarette to Match cigarette changes to match in hand
Franklin M. Chapman Whiskey Glass Vanish celluloid glass that can be crushed in paper
Franklin M. Chapman Flying Ring ring put in small glass, glass shaken so ring is heard, it vanishes and appears on chosen finger of other hand, with glass tube rattle gimmick
Franklin M. Chapman Napkin Vanish moistened fingers secretly tear off corner that simulates whole napkin still in hand
Franklin M. Chapman Drink From Nowhere filled glass appears under handkerchief, starts in sleeve with rubber ball
Franklin M. Chapman, Arthur C. Nelson Impromptu Bill in Cig
Bill Vanish in Handkerchief impromptu, corner of handkerchief simulates bill
Franklin M. Chapman With a Nail Writer card named by spectator is predicted on business card
Franklin M. Chapman President Size extra long cigarette comes out of normal package
Franklin M. Chapman A Drink and a Smoke glass with liquid vanishes and burning cigarette appears, Squash variation
Also published here 5
Franklin M. Chapman Dots paddle routine with dots on paper matches
Franklin M. Chapman Napkins and Hats four rolled up napkin pieces travel under two hats, climax production of filled glass
Franklin M. Chapman Match Divination one of several matches is marked by spectator, performer finds it by touch behind back
Franklin M. Chapman Blackout Cig cigarette placed in cigarette container, it vanishes from there
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