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Paolo Cavalli, Massimo Tira About our Book...
Tony Binarelli About Massimo Tira
Greg Arce About Paolo Cavalli
Paolo Cavalli, Massimo Tira Radarama one spectator thinks of a red card and one of a black card while spreading through cards, performer divines both
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Paolo Cavalli, Massimo Tira Psychometrack (a.k.a. The Gift) several people select a Tarot card, readings and all are divined, Si Stebbins and Eight Kings used for Tarot cards
Paolo Cavalli, Massimo Tira Patetogy number from one to nine secretly written on card by spectator, then same numbers are written on nine pieces of paper and all eliminated but one which matches
Paolo Cavalli Pateo Variation "Point at Three, Eliminate Two", mixed with Equivoque
Paolo Cavalli, Massimo Tira Kormonition using a red and a blue deck, named card is missing in one deck and is found in other
Paolo Cavalli, Massimo Tira Booplication using several books and four spectators
Paolo Cavalli, Massimo Tira Prophetriter spectator's birthday predicted on business card
Paolo Cavalli, Massimo Tira Twicerpiece spectator reverses card without looking and tries to guess card by writing one down, performer divines reversed card and guessed card
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Paolo Cavalli Post-It Impression Device lip-balm method
Paolo Cavalli, Massimo Tira Trisoteric (An Useful Tool) three pieces of information are written on business card and secretly read by different methods
Paolo Cavalli, Massimo Tira Pendulumix (Three Experiments With The Dowsing Pendulum performer divines thought-of place on a map, word in magazine and finds card with the word poison among other drinks using a pendulum
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Paolo Cavalli, Massimo Tira Odds & Ends, Bits & Pieces, Miscellanea brief notes on Pre-Show, umbrella analogy, a book test, pencil reading, sound reading, nail writer, stooges, FX
Paolo Cavalli, Massimo Tira Thoughts From A Past Future divination of a deeply emotional memory including the year, performer writes words on business card
Paolo Cavalli, Massimo Tira Gustavo Adolofo Rol no title, notes on the Italian psychic Rol
Paolo Cavalli, Massimo Tira, Millard Longman Streamlined Description Of The Basic Acidus Novus Folding And Peek method for reading information on folded card
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Paolo Cavalli, Massimo Tira Useful Addresses websites of mentalists
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