Written by Peter Duffie
Work of Peter Duffie
13 pages (Loose-leave collection), published by Selfpublished
Illustrated with drawings
Language: English
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Peter Duffie Double Vision any red and black cards removed from face-up spread, values added, that day in calendar has both those cards written next to it, both also predicted in envelope
Peter Duffie Rope rope cut into four pieces and knotted together is restored
Inspired by
  • "Ti Cheng, Kumati!" (Trevor Hall, Reading Is Believing)
Peter Duffie, Charles T. Jordan, Dick Zimmerman Jumbo Jeopardy signed jumbo card torn into quarters, one quarter under wallet, other quarters put under other jumbo cards on table, those vanish and card is restored under wallet
Peter Duffie Caprice two Jokers placed in in the two side pockets, two selections transpose with those Jokers, pocket ruse, then selections travel to the pockets once more
Inspired by 6
Peter Duffie Braindeath card named, a card is reversed in deck, it is not the selection but faces the selection and the selection's name is written on its back
Also published here 7
Peter Duffie Greetings from Peter Duffie Banknight with a card to envelope
Peter Duffie Draw Poker Gilbreath principle in the form that cards are taken from two piles to make up poker hands, two spectators do this and get straight flushes
Inspired byVariations 9
Peter Duffie Find the Ladies four Queens tabled, spot card added, it changes to a Queen and other four cards are four-of-a-kind of spot card
Peter Duffie The Equaliser card chosen, its suit used to spell to all the Aces
Peter Duffie, Neil Smith The Con Artist
  • Stage One: bottom deal shown and exposed, then spectator tries it but performer gets Aces instead
  • Stage Two: Aces put reversed in center, four hands dealt, one of them are the Aces, cards assembled and Aces shown back in center
Peter Duffie Thirteen Steps to Mental Illness gags
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