Written by Jeff Busby
Work of Jeff Busby, Chuck Smith
27 pages (Spiralbound), published by Jeff Busby Magic, Inc.
Illustrated with photographs
Language: English
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Jeff Busby Routines & Handlings for the Sterling Egg Bag
Jeff Busby The Bag on the Sterling Egg bag
Jeff Busby The Egg what type of egg to use
Jeff Busby The Routine
  • Introductory Comments and Inspection
  • The First Vanish
  • Reproduction of the Egg and the Secret Turnover
  • The Second Vanish
  • The Spectator Reproduces the Egg
  • The Third Vanish
  • The Final Reproduction
  • The Multi-Climax (three egg production from bag)
Inspired by 4
Chuck Smith The Chuck Smith Routine "High Class Moves & Patter"
with shot glass production climax
Inspired by 21
Jeff Busby Recommended Reading egg bag references
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