Written by Senor Charles Mardo
Work of Senor Charles Mardo
29 pages (Paperback), published by Max Holden
Illustrated with drawings by Senor Charles Mardo
Language: English
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Senor Charles Mardo Mardo’s Egg Bag Routine egg vanishes and reappears a few times, lemon is produced from bag
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Senor Charles Mardo The Glass Mystery Cup and Ball routine with newspaper-covered glass
Senor Charles Mardo The Homing Ball Ball and Cone routine, narrow top of cone has natural Chop Cup mechanism, “my variation of the Jameson Mystery”
Senor Charles Mardo The Shaker Penetration coin wrapped inside handkerchief is placed between two glasses mouth to mouth with ends of handkerchief hanging outside of glasses, spectator shakes glasses up and down and coin penetrates
Jean-Eugène Robert-Houdin Coin Through Handkerchief
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Dr. Harry T. Hoffman Strange Dr. Hoffman dime on mouth of bottle bounces up and down, caused by heat from cigar or coffee
Senor Charles Mardo Mardo’s Cups and Balls Routine
Senor Charles Mardo A Novel Sleight: “The Flight” technique for Cups and Balls routine that apparently vanishes (or causes to penetrate) a ball resting on top of cup
Senor Charles Mardo Miscellaneous Ball moves “The Following Sleights are Suitable for Either Sponge or Billiard Balls”
  • The Fist Drop
  • The Scoop
  • The Pounding
The Fist Drop ball apparently dropped from left fist into right fist but really retained in left
The Scoop right hand steals ball from left fingers as it passes over it and left fingers close
The Pounding right hand palms ball on top of cup after slapping down on it, for penetration effect
Senor Charles Mardo A Thimble Routine vanishes/productions, penetrations through fist, vanish in pants fold, produce thimbles on all fingers, thimble becomes long ribbon
Senor Charles Mardo A Thimble Acquitment
Senor Charles Mardo The Perfect Rice Bowls rice doubles in quantity, water is produced in bowls, improved gimmick
Senor Charles Mardo A Move with the Coin Rattle Box standard coin vanish from rattle box, new concept of ditching coin on bottom of box by pushing it into “lip” of frame on bottom
Senor Charles Mardo The Crystal Casket produce cigarettes, rope, or flowers from box
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Senor Charles Mardo The Crystal Casket – Effect with Coins four coins vanish and reappear in box previously seen empty
Senor Charles Mardo Han Pieng Chien (with Crystal Casket) four coins appear to be dumped from Crystal Casket, in reality the flap inside box covers them and four extra coins are released from palm
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