Written by Tyler Wilson
Work of Tyler Wilson
28 pages (Paperback), published by Cherry Villain
Illustrated with photographs
Language: English
11 entries
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Tyler Wilson Intro
Tyler Wilson Updog three cards produced one by one from sandwich, those cards becomes sandwich with original sandwich cards
Also published here 1
Tyler Wilson Reverse Spread Sandwich Load
Tyler Wilson Pivot Push Off
Also published here 4
Tyler Wilson Hot Pocket hands-off, spectator empties performer's shirt pocket and writes down name of any card which appears in shirt pocket
Also published here 10
Tyler Wilson Pocket Ruse shirt pocket
Tyler Wilson, Paul Cummins, Bill Herz Verbal Force of Four of Diamonds, see reference for credits
Also published here 12
Tyler Wilson Muscle Writing opposite of muscle reading, spectator follows performer's actions (hopefully)
Tyler Wilson IKEA Force spectator forces card on himself, "muscle writing"
Tyler Wilson Remote Control out-of-hands, "muscle writing"
Tyler Wilson Cranium prediction of chosen coin with date, "muscle writing"
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