Written by Jon Racherbaumer
Work of Dominique Duvivier
180 pages (Hardcover), published by Kaufman and Greenberg
Illustrated with drawings by Ton Onosaka
Language: English
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Jon Racherbaumer Introduction
Dominique Duvivier Somersaulting Double Make double card spin and somersault back onto the deck (flourish double)
Related to 12
Dominique Duvivier Spring Set Double Double turnover using Spring Set move
Inspired by 14
Dominique Duvivier French Tap False Cut Simple false cut with Swing Cut and tap, cut to table
Related to 15
Dominique Duvivier Double Drop-Cut Control Tabled extension for Double Undercut, slightly flourishy
Brother John Hamman Le Hamman Count
Edward Marlo Le Atfus
Arturo de Ascanio, Dominique Duvivier Le Ascanio Spread Dominique's handling of the Ascanio Spread
Dominique Duvivier Holding Clout Stealing and adding cards secretly, with table
Related to 25
Dominique Duvivier Printing Wild Card routine
Variations 27
Dominique Duvivier Too Quick to be Discrepant Selected card appears reversed in deck, very quick trick
Dominique Duvivier Tri-Umpteenth Triumph routine with cutting display
Dominique Duvivier Tri-Oomph! Locate Aces in Triumph routine
Dominique Duvivier Nervous Breakdown B'wave type of routine, spectator can freely choose any King without Equivoque
Dominique Duvivier Duvivier Coin Box Okito box type of routine done with an extra black plastic box for the coin box itself, Okito box has flexible Boston Box feature
Dominique Duvivier Flying Signature Coin Signed copper coin travels to in between two silver coins in Okito box, then appears under deck of cards, before appearing back in the box
Dominique Duvivier Four-Coin Slap Change Four silver coins slapped between hands, change into four copper coins
Related to 59
Dominique Duvivier Duvivier Omnibus Wallet Combination of Balducci (Kaps) Wallet and Himber Wallet, with other features. Routine described: Selected card and credit card placed in different wallet compartments, they change places. Card is then replaced in deck and travels to wallet, followed by three other mates traveling to wallet
Related to 61
Dominique Duvivier Quicker Than My Shadow Effect similar to Between Your Palms, done with Duvivier Wallet
Inspired byRelated to 67
Dominique Duvivier Seven-Card Assembly Ace Assemmbly with seven cards only, four Aces and three random cards, based on Marlo's Seven Card Assembly plot
Variations 72
Bob Veeser Veeser Concept
Dominique Duvivier Antic Aces production of Aces, Aces are alternated face-up/face-down and their arrangement changes when turned over multiple times, then selection appears sandwiched between Aces
Variations 76
Dominique Duvivier Pref-Ace Ace Production, simple cutting sequence
Derek Dingle, Harry Lorayne HaLo Bottom Slip Cut
Dominique Duvivier Creation of the Aces Barehanded Ace Production on the table
Related to 82
Dominique Duvivier Twilight Zone Four Aces lost into deck. Four indifferent cards change one by one into the Aces, back and forth visual changes
Edward Marlo, Bob Page, Dr. James Nuzzo Throw-Off Faro-Top Variation
Dominique Duvivier Progressive Jazz Four Aces and three indifferent cards used to do a series of transformations and transpositions, not Jazz Aces
Dominique Duvivier Le Dark Room Linking and unlinking safety pins (includes the use of Andrus's gimmick)
Pas Possible (Trick shown to Dominique Duvivier by a stranger who calls himself Commander Ryno) Oil and Water with Oil and Queens type of ending, but with color changing backs as well
Inspired byVariations 99
Dominique Duvivier Mulligan's Moot Pas Possible variation with less discrepancies, similar effect
Inspired by 101
Dominique Duvivier Fantastic Journey Underground Four blank cards and four Kings change places one by one, clean
Inspired by 102
Dominique Duvivier Color-Fusing, Criss-Crossing, Double-Cross Four blue backed Aces and four red backed Kings repeatedly change places, flying back and forth from packet to packet
Dominique Duvivier Furiously Fisting Four Aces flip face up/down in pairs
Dai Vernon Through-the-Fist Flourish
Dominique Duvivier Deconstruction Derby Two red Kings change to two red Aces, then change back, before changing into four Aces, and then change back to red Kings
Dominique Duvivier Chameleon Chameleon cards, cards transform as per Universal Card plot, but start printing magician's fingers on it
Dominique Duvivier Past-Tense Prediction Card placed reversed in deck at the start of the trick turns out to be selected card all along, illogical
Dominique Duvivier The Duvivier Deck Freely named card is only card printed in blank deck (along with another card that the magician previously took out)
Dominique Duvivier Ghost Kings four Kings shown, card is selected and lost, chosen pair of Kings vanish and sandwich card in the middle of the deck
Variations 131
Dominique Duvivier The Shpoo Prophecy Two cards with odd words written on the back are placed into the deck at random spots by spectator, card next to each odd card is taken out, and when combined with another prediction, forms Royal Flush in Spades
Dominique Duvivier Cups, Balls, and a Cup Cups and Balls routine which produces a fourth cup
Dominique Duvivier Back-Firing Queens Reverse Assembly
Dominique Duvivier The Card that Wasn't There Card placed amongst four Aces disappears, found face up in the deck
"Senator" Clarke Crandall Mexican Turnover handling
Dominique Duvivier Cross-Fire Collectors Three selections placed interlaced between the Aces. Aces then appear on the deck, while three selections remain in the original packet
Dominique Duvivier Marie-Christine variation on The Visitor, with two selections in a sandwich routine
Dominique Duvivier Print a Bit Three blank cards print to match selections, then whole deck turns blank
Dominique Duvivier Setting a Trap sandwich routine, sucker effect for magicians
Dominique Duvivier Pocketful of Miracles Card to pocket routine with Invisible Palm theme
Dominique Duvivier New-Wave All Backs Red and blue double-backed cards shuffled together and magically separate. One of the double backers is split into two Jokers, then the faces on the rest of the deck appear
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