Written by Jerry Sadowitz

Work of Jerry Sadowitz

27 pages (Stapled), published by Selfpublished
Illustrated with drawings by Jerry Sadowitz.
Language: English

(29 entries)


Creators Title Comments & References Page Categories
Jerry Sadowitz Introduction 2
Jerry Sadowitz Cover Pass Positional Control to move top card to position x while leaving rest unchanged 3
Unknown Classic Pass False Cut 3
Unknown Cover Pass False Cut 3
Jerry Sadowitz Small Position Control variation of previous item for small x 4
Jerry Sadowitz Cover Pass Sandwich 5
Jerry Sadowitz Sandwich Transposition top card with sandwiched card in center 6
Jerry Sadowitz Magnet reversed card attracts two selections 7
Jerry Sadowitz "Why Don't you Do Something to Help Me?!" three collector cards 8
Jerry Sadowitz Curious Cut a single cut brings 3 separated cards together 9
Unknown Cover Pass False Cut Variation top and bottom cover 9
Jerry Sadowitz Curious Sandwich with 3 collectors cards 10
Jerry Sadowitz, James Steranko Sterankowitz as deck is cut to the table 11
Jerry Sadowitz, James Steranko Ambitious Steranko top card stays in position despite straight cut 12
Jerry Sadowitz Stitch Up great selection process for a multiple out ending 13
Jerry Sadowitz Stitch That! great selection process for a multiple out ending 14
Jerry Sadowitz Blunt Instrument great selection process for a multiple out ending, setting multiple key cards in the process 16
Jerry Sadowitz 26 Card Cut Related to 17
Jerry Sadowitz, Mike Perovich Another Cut Reverse 18
Jerry Sadowitz Crouching Vernon, Hidden Hamman selection and control are in one sequence, looks fair, with variations "Notes on C.V.H.H. Control" and "With Card F.U.", see also next item 19
Jerry Sadowitz Positional C.V.H.H. Control variation of previous item "Crouching Vernon, Hidden Hamman" to control to a specific position 21
Bobby Bernard The Bobby Bernard False Cut swing cutRelated to 22
Jerry Sadowitz, Bobby Bernard Swing False Cut 23
Jerry Sadowitz, Bobby Bernard Running Swing False Cut 23
Jerry Sadowitz, S. W. Erdnase, Dai Vernon Vernon/Erdnase Cut Inspired by 24
Jerry Sadowitz Three Cards To Wallet "Of all the routines which I have devised, this remains my favourite", also in The Crimp Issue 47 25
Jerry Sadowitz Three Card Control crimp and faro, inspired by Finnell's Free Cut PrincipleRelated to 25
Jerry Sadowitz Cut Palm action palm, cards start in center 26
Jerry Sadowitz Sybil and Basil Cut flourish multiple packet cut with new kicker ending 27