Written by Peter Duffie
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44 pages (E-book), published by Selfpublished
Illustrated with photographs
Language: English
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Peter Duffie Auto Hue two spectators each choose a card from a packet with procedure involving dealing into two hands, reds and blacks separate and the selections end up in the odd-colored pile, no-touch
Inspired by
  • "More Discerption" (Peter Duffie, ebook Area 52)
Peter Duffie Not Wrong performer cuts four packets with Ace through Four of Hearts on the face, fourth card is Spades though and other packets are turned over to show matching Spade cards
Peter Duffie Stretch & Catch Joker is stretched to twice its length while out-jogged from deck, then it splits and finds a selection
Inspired by 9
Peter Duffie Ace Cutter in-the-hands Ace production
Peter Duffie Flash Triumph selection is made after the face-up/face-down shuffle
Looy Simonoff Flippant
Peter Duffie Careless Whispers selection is placed in four-of-a-kind, it vanishes, performer names it, then red and black cards of quartet transpose but one color changes back into selection
Peter Duffie Scopic Joker changes into Ace to Three of Clubs one by one, name of selection appears on back of Joker as finale, Karl Fulves General Card plot
Inspired by
  • "Kaleidoscop" (Roy Walton, marketed 1975)
Peter Duffie Task Force reverse-spread bluff to force bottom card
Peter Duffie Task Force Finders a face-up and face-down card are selected, face-up card is spelled into three packets, when turned over they are a three-of-a-kind matching the face-down selection
Peter Duffie Auto Sandwich signed selection placed between black Jacks, selection changes into blank card with message "My card is in your pocket"
Peter Duffie Self-Working Sandwich Switch discrepant
Peter Duffie Basement Jaxx Jacks put at bottom of deck, three selection end up between them
Inspired by 36
Peter Duffie Phantom Stab II invisible card thrown between two selections in the deck, so basically reversed card appears between two selections
Inspired byAlso published here
  • "Wild at Heart", ebook by Kyle MacNeil
Peter Duffie Double Agents visitor type effect with two selections and card to pocket ending
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