Written by Peter Duffie
Work of Peter Duffie
16 pages (Spiralbound), published by Martin Breese
Illustrated with drawings by David Britland
Language: English
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Peter Duffie Internecine Red King transposes with black King that has been placed between two Jokers. Visual transposition, tunnel change
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Peter Duffie Dichotomy Spectator thinks of card from packet. Packet is torn in half, half of the selection is kept, the rest are burnt. Torn half of selection is found stapled to a prediction letter in a sealed envelope.
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Peter Duffie Tarradiddle Spelling Lie Detector effect. Full deck stack. Answers to questions spelled from deck, correctness revealed and card as well
Inspired byAlso published here 9
Peter Duffie Ascension Five Card Monte, but the Queen keeps rising out of the packet, even when placed in envelope with window
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