Written by Chris "Doc" Dixon
Work of Chris "Doc" Dixon
110 pages (Spiralbound), published by Selfpublished
Illustrated with drawings by Chris "Doc" Dixon
Language: English
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Dan Harlan An Obscenely Flattering Introduction
Chris "Doc" Dixon Hello
Chris "Doc" Dixon Can You Do It For Drunk People on performing
Chris "Doc" Dixon Underhand Ambition - Justin Case folded card to case
Inspired by 9
Chris "Doc" Dixon Trip to the Clip folded card on top of bills, held with a bill clip
Chris "Doc" Dixon Watch This random card under watchband changes into selection
Chris "Doc" Dixon Smell This card is located with the nose, apparently by smelling, perfume bottle is produced as climax
Related to
  • "Nose Card Rise" in Mac King and Mark Levy's "Tricks With Your Head"
Chris "Doc" Dixon Stick This tosheroon type, card with round sticker in the center, changes to selection
Chris "Doc" Dixon Walkin' My Baby Back Home selection found using a baby wind-up toy, toy moves on fan held in hand
Chris "Doc" Dixon Psychic Buddies paper fortune teller routine, as love predictor ending up at "love at first sight"
Chris "Doc" Dixon Salad Bar
  • Speech
  • Hair
  • Health
  • Clothing
  • Your Character
  • Your Personality
Chris "Doc" Dixon Change For The Bartender torn bill changes to coins, bill ends up in gumball machine, corner matches
Chris "Doc" Dixon Memories on performing an being memorable
Chris "Doc" Dixon Real Estate Words Have Meaning on being genteel
Chris "Doc" Dixon Spitting Image as Chris Buylla, part of pretzel is broken off, performer eats rest, later pretzel is found in banded card case
Also published here 46
Chris "Doc" Dixon Your Fly Is Down message on card changes, humorous routine
Chris "Doc" Dixon Fly Finesse slip force finesse
Chris "Doc" Dixon Close Up Matt spectator finds the wrong card and sits on it, there it changes to the selection
Inspired by 51
Chris "Doc" Dixon Potholio presentation for Close's Pothole trick, trousers drawn on business card, hole travels an also appears on jacket of spectator (sticker)
Inspired by 54
Chris "Doc" Dixon Socially Unacceptable several gags
  • bill placed in mouth changes to coins
  • worm produced from mouth
  • balloon produced from child's nose
  • apparently urinating white powder because performer is dehydrated
Also published here 56
Chris "Doc" Dixon Pec Deck on being unique
Chris "Doc" Dixon Wacked on performing, handling spectator
Chris "Doc" Dixon Ethics Schmethics handling other magicians who steal material
Chris "Doc" Dixon Yuks on being funny and comedy
Chris "Doc" Dixon Crook Book card reveal using the book itself, card on forehead
Chris "Doc" Dixon Ships In The Night signed cards
Inspired by 84
Chris "Doc" Dixon The Dixon Palm two cards from small packet, while turning packet over
Chris "Doc" Dixon Brad Pit Shark Wallet humorous choreography to palm and steal card, card to envelope in Kaps wallet
Chris "Doc" Dixon Cards & Cash marked bill transposes with folded card inside coin purse
Related to 92
Chris "Doc" Dixon, Darwin Ortiz Clean spectator chooses all the cards in play, version without table
Inspired by 95
Dai Vernon Addition from Sleeve
Chris "Doc" Dixon Pinky Shift named number does not lead to selection, spelling card
Inspired by
  • Tom Mullica's "The Number Trick" in "Showtime at the Tom-Foolery"
Chris "Doc" Dixon A Brief Introduction to the Pinky Count
Chris "Doc" Dixon A Few Words from Joe Montana on Passing
Chris "Doc" Dixon Carpe Cajones prediction of favorite Beatle member and a month written on card, card in wallet as prediction
Chris "Doc" Dixon Reshuffled trick can be repeated instantly
Also published here 104
Chris "Doc" Dixon By Bye & Oh, Why I Cry
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