first edition: 2003
Written by William Duncan
Work of William Duncan
44 pages (Stapled), published by Selfpublished
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Language: English
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William Duncan Taking Away The Sting - Card On Forehead
Inspired by 1
William Duncan Scripting To Provide Clarity - The Last Trick of Dr. Jacob Daley "Dead Man's Last Hand"
William Duncan Scripting To Create Motive - Spellbound "The Invisible Coin", using a coin and a transparent coin
Paul LePaul French Drop Variant
William Duncan The Underhanded Steal with Tenkai Pinch
Sol Stone Tumble Switch/Change first part only
Also published here 14
To Disguise Limitations Of Method - Various Effects
William Duncan Government Waste script for Roth's routine
Inspired by 15
Unloading The Shuttle
William Duncan The MacGuffin script for Jennings's routine
Inspired by 18
William Duncan Billy The Vampire Slayer
Inspired by 22
William Duncan Replacing Moves With Words - Psychological Coins Across
William Duncan Han Ping Chien Handling
Inspired by 29
William Duncan Keeping The Theme Alive - a short coin interlude "From 'Twilight' To 'Hanging Coins'", comment on scripting
William Duncan Getting To Why idea for Sankey's effect where coin travels back in time
Inspired by 32
William Duncan The Card In Wallet "Concluding Thoughts - Two Endings", thoughts on the effect
William Duncan Whacked Back card in wallet presentation
William Duncan "The Homing Card" - a no cost kicker ending
Inspired by 39
Paul Harris Grasshopper Switch within small packet
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