Written by Steve Dusheck
Work of Steve Dusheck
158 pages (Hardcover), published by American Magic Company
Illustrated with drawings by Dawn Gribb
Language: English
47 entries
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Steve Dusheck Dedication
Fantasio Foreword
Steve Dusheck Introduction
Steve Dusheck My Rising Cards first blank card, then card with pretty girl, then selection rises
Steve Dusheck Phantom Cards five cards shown, two removed from under handkerchief, other vanish
Steve Dusheck Premonition Outdone - Outdone spectator stops while performer deals through blue-backed deck, same card is missing in red-backed deck, first selection turns out to have red back
Inspired by
  • "Premonition Outdone" (Stan Lobenstern, 1968)
Steve Dusheck Perfect Deck brainwave deck variation with partial rough-smooth
Steve Dusheck Double Cut Double Cross two cards cut to in mini decks match prediction card, cards on other side of cut match another prediction card
Steve Dusheck Well Healed two cards with holes, one hole restores, silvery disk gaff on one of the cards
Tony Baronio Hole Restoration silvery disk gaff on bill
Steve Dusheck Coin Appearance in Clear Box silvery disk gaff on box to make it appear empty
Steve Dusheck HoleCard/Whole Card two cards transpose in vinyl cases, one of the cards has a hole
Also published here 26
Steve Dusheck Solo Flight card rises or jumps out of deck or fan, thin elastic around a single card's corners, somewhat similar to Henry Evans's gaff
Steve Dusheck One Card Brainwave spectator reverses a card behind his back, it is the only odd-backed card
Related toVariations 37
Larry Becker Fred spectator reverses a card behind his back, it has Fred written on it
Inspired by 39
Steve Dusheck Cardaver card put in plastic case, center removed and put back, zig zag
Steve Dusheck D.L.T. "Double Lift & Tenkai Palm", double turned over and back card stolen into Tenkai Palm
Steve Dusheck Turncoat Cards cards turn over with double transformation kicker
Inspired by
  • "Boot Hill" (Eddie Burke)
Steve Dusheck Little Big Card card selected from miniature deck, when counted to a named number it is found there as normal sized card
Also published here
  • marketed in 1967
Steve Dusheck Mate-A-Card finding the mate of a card under fair conditions in shuffled deck, featuring a card with a mirror surface hidden under a sliding panel on its back
Also published here
  • marketed in 1968
Steve Dusheck Cash Card dollar bill changes into selection
Steve Dusheck Chop four cards with hole in them, one card is pulled out partially and it penetrates finger put through hole of other cards
Steve Dusheck Cards and Silks four cards shown and placed upright in slits in board, silk produced from that construction, card with container compartment
Steve Dusheck Monte Zuma two cards, one held behind back, spectator always guesses wrong
Inspired by
  • Two Card Monte (DeLand)
Also published here
Steve Dusheck Holed Up cork pushed halfway through hole in card, moved around
Inspired by
  • "Hole Collection" (Billy McComb)
Also published here
Steve Dusheck Magna Carda torn and restored card for stand-up
Steve Dusheck Nail Jail card with hole penetrates a nail
Steve Dusheck Kling-On a card balances and sticks to another, coin produced and vanishes again
Steve Dusheck Hole Transpo two cards, a hole travels from one card to another in a plastic case
  • Alternate Punch Routine
Also published here 92
Steve Dusheck Spread Em long spread between hands, reel
Steve Dusheck Changing Card visibly changing card
Also published here 101
Steve Dusheck On the McCombical Prediction
Variations 103
Steve Dusheck Deck Divider Strip metal strip in middle of deck that allows to spread only one half on either side, for half forcing deck
Steve Dusheck Cornography corner torn off, it visibly restored
Also published here 107
Steve Dusheck Mis-Marked performer names cards from back, they are obviously marked, but backs don't match faces
Variations 110
Steve Dusheck Me Three monte, winning card changes and is removed from pocket
Steve Dusheck Card Catching gaffed
Steve Dusheck Boob Tube card rolled up and put in tube, five nails pushed through at different spots, card pulled out, restored
Steve Dusheck The Dusheck Wallet double backed card in wallet
Theodore Annemann Annemann Gimmick glued at one end
Richard Himber, Steve Dusheck Another Force magnet in wallet used to steal selection
Steve Dusheck Dusheck's Color Change featuring unusual steal
Also published here 135
Steve Dusheck Cardeen two cards placed face to face, half-size card is produced, switched or vanished from them
Steve Dusheck Card Force Box
Steve Dusheck, James M. Klein Card Magic interview with Dusheck about card magic
Steve Dusheck About the Author
James M. Klein About the Editor/Publisher
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