Written by Peter Duffie
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17 pages (Spiralbound), published by Selfpublished
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Peter Duffie Black Sheep two cards chosen in packet, a reversed card has them on either side and they are the only odd-colored cards
Peter Duffie The Keepers of the Secrets Ace through Ten of Diamonds, one selected, packet dropped onto two black Jacks, selection suddenly sandwiched between Jacks
  • Face Up Version
Inspired by 3
Peter Duffie Spectator Cuts to the Aces
Inspired by 4
Peter Duffie Spectator Cuts to the Aces...Plus! four Kings placed aside, spectator cuts four packets, Kings on top, cards placed aside are now Aces
Peter Duffie K.I.A. "Kane is Able"
twenty-card packet, after some dealing a value and a suit are used to form a card, it is the card that a spectator earlier stopped dealing
Inspired by
  • Marty Kane trick
Peter Duffie Miracle or Impossible Revisited selection found by spelling to some predetermined words
Inspired by
  • "Miracle or Impossible" (Arun Bonerjee, Billet No. 348, July/Aug. 2000)
Peter Duffie The Universal Base Ace of Spades put on bottom of deck, it changes into the mates of three selections, other Aces show up as climax, bottom deals
Peter Duffie Hofzinser on Base bottom deals
Peter Duffie Change-Over Quicker two sandwiched cards transpose, then sandwich cards transpose, glide
Inspired by 9
Peter Duffie Here We Go Again...
Peter Duffie Combination Luck card and its position remembered, spectator deals down three times, using the stopped-at values and his position, selection appears on third attempt
Inspired by
  • Stewart James effect
Peter Duffie Cannibalector cannibals and collector combo
Inspired by
  • Phil Goldstein combo of Twisting & Collectors
Peter Duffie Witch Way? black Queens lost in deck, one of them travels to packet, red Queens sandwich other black Queen in deck
Inspired by
  • "Lucky Ladies" (Peter Duffie, The Budget)
Peter Duffie The Face Up Trick topsy-turvy deck, ends with sandwich
Peter Duffie Piano Biddle six mate pairs separated, they reunite, previously removed Aces travel back to the packets
Inspired by 15
Peter Duffie Triple Humdinger face-up/face-down prediction of number of cards in packet, three predictions
Inspired byRelated to 16
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