25 entries in Cards / Principles / Outs for lost cards
Creators Title Comments & References Source Page Categories
Unknown Out for Lost Card The Art of Magic 151
Unknown The Lost Card how to locate a lost but known card Expert Card Technique 192
Unknown The Spectator Peek in context of "missed" peek Expert Card Technique 411
Unknown 26 - New start from wrong turn-up. An out if the card turned up at the end of count/spell is wrong "Outs" Precautions and Challenges 41
Charles Hopkins 32 - The "Eveready Life Saver" If card is lost without having peeked at it previously "Outs" Precautions and Challenges 45
Val Andrews Miracle-Location No. 3, selection apparently found but not shown, gag The Idiot at the Card Table 4
Val Andrews Sort it out for Yourself! No. 29, cards thrown at spectator, gag The Idiot at the Card Table 11
Val Andrews Who did you EXPECT? No. 30, gag The Idiot at the Card Table 11
Eddie Fechter How Do You Want Me To Find Your Card? selection is found again and again in quick fashion, as an out Card Cavalcade II 167
Karl Fulves Time Sharing strategy to buy time for head work in card countingInspired by Card Counting 9
Unknown Lost Card Subterfuge card to pocket as out for lost card The Fred Braue Notebooks (Issue 1) 23
Roberto Giobbi Outs for Disasters and Disturbances - Disasters
- Disturbances from the Audience
- Conclusion
- Recommended Reading
Card College - Volume 2 461
Unknown Refinements and Final Thoughts - Security
- The Spectator Shuffles
- Psychology
- A Lost Card
Card College - Volume 3 563
David Berglas Think of a Card from a fan, also with faro fan The Mind & Magic of David Berglas 518
Steven Youell Fail-Safe Guidelines avoiding mistakes
- Rule #1
- Rule #2
- Rule #3
- Rule #4
Weapons of Mass Destruction 55
Asi Wind Dishonesty what to do when the spectator lies about his card, Haunted Deck as example Chapter One 7
Roberto Giobbi A Humorous Out out for situation when spectator think of any card Secret Agenda (Issue Mar 10) 78
Roberto Giobbi Out and Quickie out for situation when spectator think of any card, posed as problemRelated to Secret Agenda (Issue Mar 11) 79
Roberto Giobbi Out gag out when finding wrong card Secret Agenda (Issue June 3) 165
Roberto Giobbi Wrong Card outs when wrong card is located Secret Agenda (Issue July 17) 213
Roberto Giobbi When You've Lost the Card two strategies Secret Agenda (Issue Nov 11) 335
Roberto Giobbi, Dai Vernon An Emotional Out out for situation when spectator think of any cardRelated to Secret Agenda (Issue Mar 13) 81
Roberto Giobbi Solution for Out and Quickie out for situation when spectator think of any card, solutionRelated to Secret Agenda (Issue Mar 12) 80
Ben Seward Outs Outs to use in case you cannot guess their thought of card Cog 27
John Cottle, Joseph Barry 2 Way Out two outs for lost selection Operandi (Issue 2) 18