Written by Philip Reed Willmarth
Work of Matt Schulien
169 pages (Spiralbound), published by The Ireland Magic Co.
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Harry Blackstone Foreword
Philip Reed Willmarth Introduction
Frances Ireland Marshall Not The Best, But The Biggest on Matt Schulien, 1952 article
Philip Reed Willmarth Basic Sleights
Matt Schulien Matt's Fan Location card replaced in in-the-hands spread, first finger break when spread is closed
Matt Schulien The Crimp Location and Steal corner crimp of card that is inserted at an angle
Matt Schulien Card Appears in Hand deck spread face up on table, spectator is looking for his card, when he looks back at the performer he is seen holding the cards in front of him
Matt Schulien The Palm one or multiple cards, standard methods with tips
Matt Schulien Matt's Hideaway hold-out under belly or in knee, deck vanish story
Matt Schulien Cut Palm Replacement replacing bottom half after tabled cut
Thumb Clip alternative palm position
Philip Reed Willmarth Quick Discoveries
Matt Schulien Cut the Cards spectator cuts the deck right to his card which is face-up on bottom half
Matt Schulien Gesture Bottom Reverse bold turnover of bottom card with gesture
Matt Schulien The Card in the Hat deck dropped in hat, hat flicked from underneath and selection jumps out
Matt Schulien Air Pressure air pressure turnover revelation
Matt Schulien The Card in the Cuff selection found in cuff of performer's shirt sleeve
Matt Schulien The Card in the Card Case classic removal
Related to 26
Matt Schulien One Hand Discovery (One Card) Charlier cut, then fingers drag out a card from center which flips face up onto the top of the deck
Matt Schulien One Hand Discovery - Two Cards two cards produced with one hand, up-down-movement
Matt Schulien Spell It card spelled out with spectator's name, sleight of hand method with card starting in lap
Matt Schulien Three Reversed three selections reverse at different positions at once
Matt Schulien Deck Turnover
Matt Schulien The Invisible Hair two halves held stepped in one hand, selection moves slowly down into view
Matt Schulien The Slap Discovery
Philip Reed Willmarth Tricks With The Change
Matt Schulien The Change single card, palmed card added, double shown, face card stolen with right thumb à la color change steal
Matt Schulien The Professional Touch spectator finds the wrong card and sits on it, there it changes to the selection
Variations 37
Matt Schulien Put It Back in the Deck spectator finds wrong card, when he turns it over it has changed surprisingly into selection
Matt Schulien The Slam and Flip Over wrong selection changes into selection in the performer's hand as right hand slaps deck on table
Charlie Schulien That's Your Card (A Sucker Trick) Dunbury Delusion handling
Matt Schulien Matt's Ribbon Spread Trick wrong card placed face down on ribbon spread which is flipped over, card jumps into other hand and turns over and has transformed into selection
  • Matt's current handling
Also published here
  • The Sphinx, Jan. 1949, p. 293
Philip Reed Willmarth Tricks with the Force
Matt Schulien One-Hand Cut Force bold, spectator is told to remember the card he sees during a Charlier cut
Matt Schulien The Face Up Spread Force spectator thinks of a card in face-up spread, names it, and performer produces it, risky
Related to 48
Matt Schulien The Fan Force partial fan held in one hand, spectator is asked to take a card
Matt Schulien Matt's Call A Card Force spectator is asked to name a card, one is secretly shown
Matt Schulien Matt's Face Down Spread Force cards scrambled on table in wash, spectator takes one
Related to 51
Matt Schulien Find the Five Five is chosen, performer removes a Seven partially out of pocket which is then seen to be torn off to represent a Five
Matt Schulien The Lie Test spectator's finger is moved over spread to locate selection with lie detector presentation
Matt Schulien The X-Ray Eyes spectator sits on card, performer peeks into spectator's mouth and names selection
Philip Reed Willmarth Miscellaneous Magic & Gags chapter intro
Matt Schulien The Vanishing Deck deck vanishes except for one card, using manipulator's steal
Matt Schulien, Dorny Testing a Half Dollar gag, glass hammered onto coin
Also published here 61
Matt Schulien Bending a Spoon classic table gag of apparently bending a spoon against the table top
  • Fake Explanation (really bending the spoon)
Matt Schulien Bending the Arm bending a spectator's wrist in a seemingly impossible way
Matt Schulien Twister matches or sugar cubes between both hand's first fingers and thumbs, hands interlocked, matches penetrate
Matt Schulien Matt's Match Magic match broken into thirds, head piece thrown away and it returns repeatedly, restoration climax
Also published here
  • The Sphinx, April 1940
Matt Schulien The Jumping Match jumping match
Also published here 66
Matt Schulien Matt's Goldfish Eating carrot fake, spectator is also offered a fish
Philip Reed Willmarth Card Routine chapter intro
Matt Schulien Where Do You Want Your Card? spectator can choose whether the selection should come to top, bottom or middle, repeated, card travels somewhere else as climax
Matt Schulien The Mental Fan Force Routine cards run through with faces towards spectator who thinks of one, card named and found, detailed with outs
  • A Sample Routine
Related to 78
Matt Schulien Counting the Cards six cards counted off by spectator, spectator miscounts repeatedly, performer counts these cards as more cards, up to ten, spectators get packets to follow along, cards across with two packets of ten cards, finally half the deck travels from one spectator to another who was holding the other half
  • Phase I - "Give Me Six Cards"
  • Phase II - "Call a Number From Six to Ten"
  • Phase III - "Call A Number Less Than Six"
  • Phase IV - "Did You See How I Did That?"
  • Phase V - "How Many Did We Have?"
  • Phase VI - "Passing The Cards"
  • Phase VII - "Finale"
Matt Schulien Undercount palm-off or block
Snap False Count
Matt Schulien Matt's Crazy Poker Deal spectator shuffles, performer deals five hands, third hand dealt openly from bottom, other hands shown first with some byplay, then third hand shown to be royal flush
Matt Schulien The Cards and the Cigarette cigarette torn into four pieces, they gather under matrix-style with help of four bent cards
Philip Reed Willmarth Tricks with Gimmicks chapter intro
Matt Schulien The Pea Can salt changes into liquid peas in pea can prop
Matt Schulien The Half in the Bottle
Matt Schulien The Fifty Sponge Balls
Also published here 114
Matt Schulien Matt's Color Changing Knife Routine full routine
  • Part I - Introductory Color Changes
  • Part II - The Fake Explanation
  • Part III - Explanation With Two Knives
  • Part IV - "Put One In The Middle"
  • Part V - "I've Got Six Knives"
  • Part VI - Finish
Paddle Move
Matt Schulien A Knife Gag tiny knife appears with gag line
Matt Schulien The Case of the Missing Handle part of the knife's handle comes off and back on
Philip Reed Willmarth The Mystery at "1800" mysterious leaves appearing at Matt Schulien's restaurant windows
Philip Reed Willmarth Smash Discoveries chapter intro
Matt Schulien The Card in the Sugar corner of card travels into sugar cube packet, finished by plunger rise of chosen card minus the corner
Matt Schulien The Corner in the Glass deck set on top of glass, torn-off corner of card appears in glass
Related toVariations 130
Matt Schulien Card in the Matchbook
Variations 132
Palm Fold into sixths
Matt Schulien The Card Under the Tablecloth
Variations 134
Matt Schulien "Here Comes Kelly" (The Card in the Glass) deck dropped/sprung onto table, signed selection is found in spectator's glass
Also published here 139
Matt Schulien The Card on the Wall with thumb tack
Philip Reed Willmarth The Real Secrets of Matt Schulien
Matt Schulien A Summary of Matt's Advice on Magic
Philip Reed Willmarth About Matt
Philip Reed Willmarth Schuliana on Matt Schulien's family
Philip Reed Willmarth Bibliography references about Matt Schulien
Philip Reed Willmarth About the Author
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