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Edward Victor The "Rainbow" Penknife penknife routine with many color changes, vanishes, and traveling to pocket
1940 ca. 125
Penknife Transformation with silk, switches out gaffed one for examinable one
1940 ca. 134
Spoon to Knife spoon wrapped up in napkin changes into knife
Variations 1941 15
The Knife Changes Colour Whilst Held by a Spectator
1952 17
Matt Schulien The Case of the Missing Handle part of the knife's handle comes off and back on
1959 125
Move No. 3 - "The Flourish Change" through-the-fist
Also published here 1980 52
R. D. Merrill The Snap Change also to switch knives
1981 32
Al Cohen The Shrinking Knife optical illusion of shrinking knife
1981 55
Griff Nr. 3 - Die Ziergriff-Färbung through-the-fist
Also published here Oct. 1990
Intermagic (Vol. 15 No. 4 & 5)
Karl Fulves Steel To Ink knife stabbed in deck next to selection, then it is seen that the blade is printed on this card and only the knife handle remains, posed as a problem
2001 201
Charlie Frye Eccentricks knife is tossed up and caught and changes color
Apr. 2002
Magic (Vol. 11 No. 8)
Karl Fulves Knifed "Problems"
large blade comes out of small Swiss army knife, posed as a problem
2004 379
Arturo de Ascanio A Color Change Using Regular Knives
2008 50
Minar Minar's Visual Color Change 3/4 knife
2008 52
Arturo de Ascanio The Psychology of the Color Change
2008 54
Pivot Change knife pivoted clockwise
2018 89
Johnny Thompson The Smash Climax knife transforms into many small knives
Inspired by
  • Ascanio Smash Climax
2018 90
Alexander de Cova Die Färbung mit dem Taschentuch color changing knife with handkerchief
2018 123
Alexander de Cova Das visuelle Färben visual color changing knife with handkerchief
2018 124
Alexander de Cova Ideen zur Färbung on color changing knifes
2018 126
Lorenz Schär Roto-Knife transformation while knife is twirled on table
2019 139
Roberto Mansilla Cambio Sincero color changing knife move
2019 88
La Hélice color changing knife move, while turning knife
2019 94
Vertical Transformation knife held upright and is pivoted with other hand
2021 16
Leo Reed Plastic Morph fork and spoon wrapped up in napkin, they change into a plastic spork (combined spoon and fork)
Inspired by Aug. 2022
Genii (Vol. 85 No. 8)
Leo Reed Silverware Monte plastic fork and spoon each rolled up in napkin for guessing game, at the end there's a knife in one napkin and a spork (combined spoon and fork) in the other
Inspired by Aug. 2022
Genii (Vol. 85 No. 8)
Juan Tamariz First Color Change one handed using second knife, only one knife is seen
2022 23