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Frank Garcia Riding the Aces
Related toVariations 1973 196
David Roth Okito Box Magic four coins extracted from box one by one
Variations 1973
New Stars of Magic (Vol. 1 No. 3)
Al Schneider, Edward Marlo SOC II
Inspired byRelated toVariations 1975 65
Phillip Young Wrong Card spectator selects card with "You've picked the wrong card" written on it
1978 23
Steve Beam, Phillip Young, Terry Turner Late Show puns with playing cards and gag for chinese wands
Also published here 1979 21
Phillip Young Coin Box Copper / Silver move with copper / Silver coin and coin box
Inspired by 1979 53
Steve Beam Late Show puns while changing cards
Also published here 1980 8
Phillip Young "T" Time gag using a carpenter's T square
1980 12
Phillip Young Coin Phillip ("Flip") coin changes when tossed in air
1981 21
Phillip Young Splitting Coins coin is split into two
1981 36
Steve Beam "Thanks-Given" thanking Rhett Bryson, Keith Breen, Jeff White, Phillip Young, Don Morris
1981 60
Phillip Young Giant Coin Vanish
1982 11
Phillip Young Coin Box Copper/Silver
1982 47
Phillip Young Forword
1982 2
Phillip Young Magicians and Creativity
1982 4
Phillip Young Hermann Pass Variation
1982 6
Phillip Young Swiveled Six and Ace fuse to a Seven, Dr. Elliott's Change
1982 7
Phillip Young Color Changing Card Case
1982 9
Phillip Young Longitudinal Card Change using Longitudinal Tenkai Palm
Related to 1982 10
Phillip Young Fifty-Two Divided by Two Equals One Hundred Four card case change into two smaller card cases
1982 12
Phillip Young Top Less Change
1982 12
Phillip Young Kings on a Ladder
Inspired by 1982 13
Phillip Young Pulp Eating Cannibals real bones are spit out by cannibals at the end
1982 14
Phillip Young Instant Location torn and taped card changes into torn and taped jumbo card of same value
1982 19
Phillip Young What Floor Please? Ace, Two and Three packet ambitious card, then Two and Three change into a Five and ace changes color
1982 21
Phillip Young Gas spelling trick, ABC cards among deck form the word Rolaids
1982 23
Phillip Young Fat-Free Sandwich chosen card sandwiched between red Aces, then changes into a black Ace, eventually fourth Ace is visibly catched
1982 24
Piet Forton, Phillip Young Pop Out Move only with Aces
1982 28
Phillip Young Brace Yourself two jokes with braces and coins
1982 29
Phillip Young Glass Eye shot glass produced from eye, glass eye joke
1982 29
Phillip Young Self Gratuity joke, tipping yourself
1982 30
Phillip Young The Pink Things are Fingers joke with false thumb
1982 30
Phillip Young Coin Spray coin appears with use of aerosol spray
1982 31
Phillip Young How to Get Your Steve Beam Books for Free!
1982 31
Phillip Young Van Gogh's Ear Van Gogh ear joke
1982 32
Phillip Young It's Gone Astray marked coin under ashtray, joke
1982 32
Phillip Young, Dan Fleshman Pop Purse Production purse frame is put on table and coin appears
1982 50
Phillip Young Vanish of a Coin in a Purse Frame
1982 51
Phillip Young Hinge Vanish coin vanish
1982 53
Phillip Young Metal in the Elbow series of vanishes and reproduction of a coin, eventually it enlarges while being penetrated through the hand, close-up mat steal
1982 53
Phillip Young Swelled Head coin changes into jumbo coin, when turned over
1982 56
Phillip Young Slydini Revolve and Kick coin is slapped on table and changes into jumbo coin
1982 58
Phillip Young The Hole End climax for Portable Hole routine, two jumbo coins are produced
1982 60
Phillip Young Coin Flair coin vanish with pen
1982 65
Phillip Young Up Through the Slot coin through back of the hand
1982 67
Phillip Young Coin Stamp coins produced with stamp on close up map, then large mint is molded from rubber stamp
Related to 1982 69
Phillip Young Card Case, Coins Transpo copper/silver transposition under card case
1982 74
Phillip Young Face Up Okito coin penetrates box and hand and falls into hands of spectator
1982 76
Phillip Young Across Okito four coins extracted from box one by one
Inspired by 1982 77
Phillip Young Thanks from the Bottom of My Heart
1982 81
Jeff Busby (reviewer) Fingers Don't Entertain, People Do by Phillip Young Jan. 1983
Epoptica (Issue 3)
Steve Beam The Shrink humorous patter for diminishing cards
Inspired byRelated to 1984 63
David Roth The Stamp Trick Stamped pictures of coins move on paper then turn into coins
Related to 1985 349
Phillip Young Anti Aces black and red aces change places
1985 123
Phillip Young Autograph Hound gag on autograph collecting, additional idea by Dexter Cleveland
1985 183
Wayne Kyzer Night Writer prediction, blank card, writing is seen with flashlight, see also p. 264 for additional ideas by Phillip Young
1986 240
Steve Beam Leftovers on W.I.M.P.S, Wayne Kyzer, Henry Pettit, Phillip Young
1986 244
Steve Beam The Good, the Bad & the Layman comments and thoughts on magic
1. Magician or Actor?
2. Why aren't Magicians Tougher on Each Other?
3. Are Magicians too Tough on Each Other?
4. The "Commercial" Trick
5. Good Versus Bad Tricks
6. The Commercial Magicians
7. The Attitude
8. Conclusion
Followed by comments of Don Morris, John Riggs, Leroy Blackstone, Phillip Young, Dexter Cleveland, Wayne Kyzer
Related to 1986 245
Phillip Young Deck on a Rope practicing card tricks in the shower, gag
1986 252
Steve Beam, Phillip Young The Shrink II patter and routine, gaffed
Related to 1986 253
Steve Beam Leftovers on the birth of Michelle Allison Beam, Phillip Young, Kevin Justice, Jim Culver, Jim Swoger, Dexter Cleveland
1986 264
Phillip Young The Pits joke, on the beach, performer first rips hair from armpit then produces rabbit from other armpit
1987 339
Steve Beam Leftovers on Wayne Kyzer, John Riggs, Phillip Young, TV show "The Search for Houdini", James Randi, The Pendragons
1987 352
Phillip Young Upwardly Mobile IV
1988 418
Gary Kurtz The Flutter Change using Longitudinal Tenkai Palm
Related toAlso published here 1992 13
Clifford R. Ball, Phillip Young, Bill Perron, Fred Kirchner, Percy Parker, Lee Forst More Geller/Randi
  • Letters
Feb. 1992
Magic (Vol. 1 No. 6)
Jason Alford Hover Change using Longitudinal Tenkai Palm
Related to 1998 14