Written by Phillip Young

Work of Phillip Young

81 pages (Spiralbound), published by Selfpublished
Illustrated with drawings by Phillip Young.
Language: English

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Steve Beam Introduction 1
Phillip Young Forword 2
Phillip Young Magicians and Creativity 4
Phillip Young Hermann Pass Variation 6
Phillip Young Swiveled Six and Ace fuse to a Seven, Dr. Elliott's Change 7
Phillip Young Color Changing Card Case 9
Phillip Young Longitudinal Card Change using Longitudinal Tenkai PalmRelated to 10
Phillip Young Fifty-Two Divided by Two Equals One Hundred Four card case change into two smaller card cases 12
Phillip Young Top Less Change 12
Phillip Young Kings on a Ladder Inspired by 13
Phillip Young Pulp Eating Cannibals real bones are spit out by cannibals at the end 14
Unknown Paintbrush Change 18
Phillip Young Instant Location torn and taped card changes into torn and taped jumbo card of same value 19
Phillip Young What Floor Please? Ace, Two and Three packet ambitious card, then Two and Three change into a Five and ace changes color 21
Unknown Ditch on Tabled Packet 22
Phillip Young Gas spelling trick, ABC cards among deck form the word Rolaids 23
Phillip Young Fat-Free Sandwich chosen card sandwiched between red Aces, then changes into a black Ace, eventually fourth Ace is visibly catched 24
Piet Forton, Phillip Young Pop Out Move only with Aces 28
Phillip Young Brace Yourself two jokes with braces and coins 29
Phillip Young Glass Eye shot glass produced from eye, glass eye joke 29
Phillip Young Self Gratuity joke, tipping yourself 30
Phillip Young The Pink Things are Fingers joke with false thumb 30
Phillip Young Coin Spray coin appears with use of aerosol spray 31
Phillip Young How to Get Your Steve Beam Books for Free! 31
Phillip Young Van Gogh's Ear Van Gogh ear joke 32
Phillip Young It's Gone Astray marked coin under ashtray, joke 32
Chris Ball Coke is It! woofle dust, Cocain joke 32
Chris Ball Basket Case joke and idea to generate tips, with finger chopper 33
Randy Tanner Blown Up Real Good joke with a fake hand grenade 34
Steve Beam Card Compression four aces compressed into two twos, into a four, then card vanishesAlso published here 35
Dai Vernon Through-the-Fist Flourish 36
Don Morris Son of Camelot black King and Queen turn red and then a small card appears (birth to son)Related to
  • Don Morris' "Camelot" in Steve Beam's "They Don't Make Trap Doors Like They Used To"
Pete Peterson Bird Snifter close up dove production, with a handkerchief in a big glass 41
Randy Tanner The Magician's Bank Card card with four printed half dollars, two times coins become real, the card is dropped on deck and the two printed half dollars change into a printed silver dollarRelated to 44
Edward Marlo K. M. Move Variation 45
Steve Beam Drop Change 46
Randy Tanner The Super Sick Sack signed card vanishes and appears in stapled airsick bag 47
Phillip Young, Dan Fleshman Pop Purse Production purse frame is put on table and coin appears 50
Phillip Young Vanish of a Coin in a Purse Frame 51
Phillip Young Hinge Vanish coin vanish 53
Phillip Young Metal in the Elbow series of vanishes and reproduction of a coin, eventually it enlarges while being penetrated through the hand, close-up mat steal 53
Unknown Classic Palm 55
Phillip Young Swelled Head coin changes into jumbo coin, when turned over 56
Phillip Young Slydini Revolve and Kick coin is slapped on table and changes into jumbo coin 58
Slydini Revolve Vanish briefRelated to 59
Unknown The Kick Move from hand to hand 59
Phillip Young The Hole End climax for Portable Hole routine, two jumbo coins are produced 60
Phillip Young Coin Flair coin vanish with pen 65
Phillip Young Up Through the Slot coin through back of the hand 67
Phillip Young Coin Stamp coins produced with stamp on close up map, then large mint is molded from rubber stampRelated to 69
Phillip Young Card Case, Coins Transpo copper/silver transposition under card case 74
Harvey Rosenthal Harvey Rosenthal Palm same as Jimmy Wilson Palm 75
Phillip Young Face Up Okito coin penetrates box and hand and falls into hands of spectator 76
Phillip Young Across Okito four coins extracted from box one by oneInspired by 77
Unknown Hand Load 78
Phillip Young Thanks from the Bottom of My Heart 81