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Creators Title Comments & References Source Page Categories
Dan Fleshman Look, They're Copper! matrix, then repeat and they all change to copper instead of assembling, one visually on top of card, edge of mat hold-out John: Verse Two 68
Dan Fleshman Coin Snap Change coin on card visually changes John: Verse Two 75
John F. Mendoza, Dan Fleshman Coin Appearance from Purse Frame John: Verse Two 78
Phillip Young, Dan Fleshman Pop Purse Production purse frame is put on table and coin appears Fingers don't Entertain, People Do 50
Steve Beam Leftovers on duct tape, Dan Fleshman, Wayne Kyzer, George Wallace, James Swoger, Phil Thomas, Paul Wolman, Jerry Andrus, video editing, John Riggs The Trapdoor - Volume One (Issue 11) 192
Dan Fleshman Two C Apocalypse Vol. 6-10 (Vol. 10, No. 9) 1396
John Lovick Eyes Wide Shut card from spectator's blouse to performer's flyInspired by
  • Dan Fleshman (The Very Best Yet!, 1990)
  • "The Risqué Aces" (Jason Randal, Magic for Professionals, 1982)
The Performance Pieces & Divertissements of the Famous Handsome Jack, etc. 191