Written by John Graham
Work of John Graham
332 pages (Hardcover), published by Vanishing Inc.
Illustrated with drawings by Asi Wind, Jeremy Dutcher
Language: English
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John Graham Acknowledgements
Asi Wind Foreword
John Graham Introduction
John Graham The Magic Show
John Graham Chapter 1: You Are Here on transitioning from close-up to stage
John Graham Beginning From Where You Are
John Graham Name-Dropper any name is written on the backs of cards in a prediction packet, one letter on each card, involves the divination of a selection and a gag prediction written on the case
Inspired by 9
Face-up Cross Cut Force
John Graham Drop Addition from deck to tabled packet as case is moved
John Graham Continuing From Where You Are
John Graham MVG Magician vs. Gambler, signed cards to pockets and wallet as climax
Inspired by 29
John Graham Quick Cull Handling down-jog cull
Inspired by 31
John Graham The Lazy Man's Card Trick in-the-hands cutting, eight-card stack
Inspired by 43
John Graham Progressing From Where You Are
John Graham The Ring borrowed finger ring travels to key chain twice, then ring & string routine, ring ends up in sealed envelope
Inspired by 51
Earl Nelson Earl's Ring Move false threading of ring onto rope
Also published here 59
Emile Clifton Clifton's Ring Move ring on string, ring vanishes
Also published here 62
John Graham Advancing From Where You Are
John Graham Sybil the Impromptu Trick number up to twenty named, packet of that size produced with flourish cut, previous selection is on the bottom of that packet, number also predicted by adding the values of some previously removed cards
Inspired byVariations 67
Spread Corner Crimp with thumb while spreading with faces towards performer
John Graham Sybil the Stage Trick number up to twenty named, packet of that size produced with flourish cut, previous selection is on the bottom of that packet, number also predicted by adding the values of some previously cased prediction cards
Inspired by 77
John Graham Chapter 2: The Three Ps
  • Planning Your Show
  • Performing Your Show
  • Perfecting Your Show
John Graham Chapter 3: Tricks
John Graham Openers
  • Introductions
  • First Impressions
  • Opening Lines
  • Opening Effects
John Graham Final Sale number prediction on price tag of jacket, spectator guess price correctly
Inspired byRelated to 115
John Graham The Examiner: Special Edition single sheet, marker used in handling
Inspired by 125
John Graham Middles
  • Too Many Routine that Involve a Different Spectator on Stage with You
  • Too Many Routines that are Essentially the Same Basic Effect
  • Too Many Card Tricks
  • Too Much Mentalism, Not Enough Impact
John Graham Buffalo John combination of Million Dollar Bill Mystery, Barcode Gag, Before Your Eyes prediction on dry-erase board, bill transformation in Himber wallet, Hat Tear, $100 bill switch
Inspired byRelated to 153
$100 Bill Switch torn Ten dollar bill changes into to Fives
John Graham Never the Less gag diminishing cards routine, holding progressively larger card next to standard-sized fan repeatedly
John Graham Catch Me If You Can performer's hand is in upside-down paper bag to make it a puppet, bucket of paper balls is tossed towards it and performer catches the one marked by the spectator
Simon Lovell Paper Bullet Catch idea
John Graham Closers
John Graham Now & Later no magnets
Inspired by
  • "The Lasso Card Trick" (Rich Marotta, Stand-up Comedy Magic video)
Related to
John Graham The Lemon Trick torn corner and spectator's initials
Inspired byRelated to 211
John Graham Square Deal list of hundred card tricks, one chosen and performed (handful of missing cards found by looking at remaining fifty-one cards), then magic square with numerical position of that trick in the list
Inspired by
  • "The Brain Shows Off" (Harry Anderson, Tipping the Hat, 2011)
Related to
John Graham Chapter 4: Structure and Routining
John Graham Nielsen Bottle Vanish switch of crumpled up paper
John Graham Keeping It Consistent
  • Switching for Consistency
John Graham Organic Engineering
  • Taking the Edge Off
  • The Leave Behind
  • Organic Lasso
  • Getting into "Now & Later"
  • Getting out of "Now & Later" (An alternative cleanup)
  • Organic Lemon
  • Organic Square
  • Clearly Organic
Related to 263
John Graham Building Bookends
John Graham The Lemon Bookend: The Lemon Vanishes
  • Topit Vanish
  • Topit Vanish 2
  • The Conceptual Vanish
Related to 273
John Graham The Square Bookend routining comments
  • This, That, These, and Those
  • Price Match
Related to 275
John Graham Showtime
  • Show #1: The Tricks
  • Show #2: The Tricks
  • Show #3: The Tricks
John Graham Lemon Zombie knife stuck in lemon
John Graham Tossed Out Deck Routining
John Graham Chapter 5: Beyond the Tricks
John Graham Jokes, Lines, & Bits!
  • Jokes
  • Lines
  • Bits
  • Incorporation and Timing
  • Showtime
    • Show #1: The Jokes, Lines, & Bits!
    • Show #2: The Jokes, Lines, & Bits!
    • Show #3: The Jokes, Lines, & Bits!
John Graham Music
  • Warming Up
  • Fine Tuning
  • Concert Quality
  • Tracks and Cues
  • Showtime
    • Show #1: The Music
    • Show #2: The Music
    • Show #3: The Music
John Graham Tables & Cases
  • Custom Made
  • Aluminum Tool Case
  • Portable Laptop Computer Stand
  • Fabric Storage Bin
John Graham Prop Management
  • Showtime
    • Show #1: The Table/Case
    • Show #1: The Setup
    • Show #2: The Table/Case
    • Show #2: The Setup
    • Show #2: The Performance
    • Show #3: The Table/Case
    • Show #3: The Setup
John Graham Chapter 6: Putting Everything Together
  • Show #1
  • Show #2
  • Show #3
John Graham Last Word
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