First edition was printed 1996
Written by Ariel Frailich
Work of Ariel Frailich
84 pages (Hardcover), published by I Saw That!
Illustrated with drawings by Kemin Zhang
Language: English
37 entries
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Jay Sankey Foreword
Ariel Frailich Preface
Short Stories
Ariel Frailich D.I.Y. Ambitious Card three-phase routine
Ariel Frailich, Eddie Taytelbaum Center Double Lift
Tom Ellis Super Rise Loading Move
Also published here 4
Howard Schwarzman Tilt Poke Subtlety
Ariel Frailich "Andrus Misunderstood" Color Change
Inspired by 6
Ariel Frailich Royal Burial Kings put in deck together, they turn over
Ariel Frailich Fax it to Me! selection travels from one half to the other
Ariel Frailich Convincing Control Handling
Feature Stories
Ariel Frailich Superman! Jack changes into Ace in card case, then Ace tossed in in deck, value there used to count to selection
Inspired by 18
Ariel Frailich The Gunslinger card to mouth with Reflex story presentation
Inspired by 21
Mercury Card Fold fourths
Ariel Frailich Another Exception Selection spectator stops at only red card in packet of black cards
Inspired by 25
Ariel Frailich Rub-Off Bottom Deal
Ariel Frailich Dust Collectors three selections lost, deck spread, Queens waved over spread and selections found between them
Gambler's Cop brief
Ariel Frailich Splittin' Image Four split into Twos, then into Aces, four Aces change into a blackjack hand of one Jack and one Ace
Inspired by 33
Ariel Frailich The Tabled Show Dropper unloading cards on the tabled deck
Inspired by 35
Ariel Frailich Spy Story card falls through the table into spectator's hand
Inspired by 37
Ariel Frailich Imp Cop Handling card lapped from riffle shuffle
Inspired by 38
Ariel Frailich The Insurance Policy selection not found, predicted humorously in an insurance policy
Ariel Frailich The Cannibals and the Witch Doctor four Kings between two Jacks, vanish one at a time on top of deck, second deal, they reappear as Queens, Kings found in case
Inspired by 46
Ariel Frailich If I Were a Real Magician... selection turns over and its back changes color
Inspired by
  • early Edward Marlo effect
Ariel Frailich Riffle Force break, retention-of-vision subtlety
Ariel Frailich No Bad Cards three selections lost, first two rise to top of deck, third card travels to pocket
Tommy Dowd Card in the Pocket inside pocket, using Kelly bottom placement
Also published here 58
Other Stories
Thomas Baxter Breathless Aces cut to by performer, then he cuts the deck into four packets on those Aces and each packet contains a suit in numerical order, breather crimp
Inspired by 62
Double Flip-Over Revelation two cards pivoted out and flipped over onto table with one half in each hand
Jay Sankey The Amateur and the Professional two cards chosen, one rises to top and changes into second selection
Also published here 69
Tom Ransom Hologramagic Seven of Spades torn in half, one half torn in half again, and so on, to get smaller and smaller pieces, each piece shows a full miniature Seven of Spades on its face
No Story
Ariel Frailich Point of No Return card vanishes from sandwich and appears reversed in center of deck
Also published here
  • David Drake's The Levitator magazine
Alex Elmsley Prayer Vanish
Also published here 81
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