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Roy Walton Autograph Hunter signature travels to back of another card
Also published here 3
Gordon Bruce The Hands of a Surgeon
Gordon Bruce Packet Reversal top card(s) of packet is lifted upwards in right-hand end grip, bottom part of packet is flipped over
Gavin Ross The E.S.P. Shuffle spectator and performer mix a packet of ESP cards each, they match at the end
Gavin Ross Hot Flush Royal Flush production with cut deeper force
James M. Boyd Justice is Mine bottom deal demo with unexpected cards showing up
James M. Boyd Hopping Halves Credit Information published in 1967 by Harry Stanley's Unique Magic Studio as "Confusing Coins" by Jim Boyd
Peter McLanachan Hofzinser 2001 no-deck handling
Inspired byAlso published here 16
End-for-End Turnover Reverse top card ends up reversed at bottom of packet, rest turned over onto it
Euan Bingham A Hobbit's Tale black Aces vanish from top and bottom of deck, then red Queens appear on top, they change into the black Aces and Queens are reversed in center
  • First Handling
  • Second Handling
Inspired by
  • "Ally Opps" (Euan Bingham, The Card Booklet, Issue 5, 2003)
Related to
Euan Bingham Phantom Aces signed Aces travel from Himber wallet to deck, then back
Inspired byAlso published here
  • Quirky Card Magic, Euan Bingham, 2004
Gary Middleton Diamond Snatch Kings rise to the top in search for diamonds, then run of Diamonds shows up
Related to 23
Gary Middleton King for a Day other Aces change to mates of selection
Alex Elmsley Slide-Under Switch
Bold Swing Cut Riffle Stop Force discrepant
George McBride Captives of the Cranium one half is cut and two cards are added to get a number, other half is cut and top card pocketed, using the number one counts down to get the same value, another count with the added digits gets a card of the same suit
Inspired by
  • "Captives of the Brain" (Stewart James, James File Vol. 2, p. 2536)
George McBride Stebbins Prediction business card slid into spread, cards above and below are taken out, small packet cut off and counted, spectator remembers card at its position, original two removed cards have same value and suit, position of selection predicted on business card, faro, Penelope
George McBride Veeser Meets Steranko lateral palm
George McBride Lateral Palm Packet Switch
Steven Hamilton Thanks to Collins card torn in quarters, one piece freely chosen, other quarters burnt, card restored in nest of envelopes
Related toAlso published here 36
Scotty Johnston Big Bank Hunt selection lost, two black Queens cut into deck in different sections, they come together to trap selection
Scotty Johnston Fan Block Steal one one-handed fan cover a block from below top card of the left-handed section is stolen
  • Block Steal Placement
Val Le-Val New Wave Oil & Water using cards with letters O and W on them, separation occurs one card at a time, slow-motion
Also published here 42
Richard James Stranger color-changing back of sandwiched card
Inspired byAlso published here 44
Trevor Lewis, Ken Krenzel Monte Plus Plus Switch
Iain Girdwood Total Recall red-black order of deck apparently memorized, Gilbreath combined with binary Combo system
Related to 48
Iain Girdwood Total Recall red-black order of deck apparently memorized, Gilbreath combined with binary Combo system
Related to 48
David Walsh Walkaround combination of Ambitious Card, Homing Card, deck to pocket, card to wallet
Tom Ellis Super Rise Loading Move
Also published here 55
Dave Forrest Eight of Two Kinds performer cuts deck into four piles, Kings are on top, underneath are the Aces
Dave Forrest Skinned selected card folded in cigarette paper packet
Peter Duffie Finishing Touch spectator touches four indifferent cards, they then suddenly change to Aces
Inspired by 67
Out-Jog Steal bottom card is pushed in as out-jogged cards are removed
Peter Duffie Slow-mo Covered Walton Snap Change packet changes except top card
Inspired byAlso published here 69
Peter Duffie 52 Minus 1 "(The Path of Least Resistance)"
out-of-hand reverse of selection in one-way deck involving two spectators
  • A tip
  • A 2nd Tip
  • A Warning
R. Paul Wilson Thinking Cap method with no bottom deal
Inspired by 73
Thumb-Drag Strip-Out Addition top card is carried along
R. Paul Wilson ConCam Cards three cards travel across, with envelopes
R. Paul Wilson Addition with Envelope cards under envelope on table, packet on top, envelope quickly pulled out
Dave Robertson L.K.D. Monte out-jogged handling
Inspired by 79
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