Written by Roberto Giobbi

Work of Various

243 pages (Hardcover), published by Hermetic Press
Illustrated with drawings by Barbara Giobbi-Ebnöther.
Language: English

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Roberto Giobbi Thanks! xviii
Roberto Giobbi Introduction to Volume 2 xxiii
Roberto Giobbi Overhand Shuffle Techniques, Part 2 introduction 251
Christian Scherer, Dai Vernon Bringing the Bottom Card to the Top break, without single card runAlso published here 253
Unknown Controlling the Top and Bottom Stocks 254
Unknown Top Stock Control with the Lift Shuffle 257
Unknown Key-Card Placement with the Lift Shuffle 258
G. W. Hunter Controlling the Entire Deck: the G. W. Hunter Shuffle 259
Unknown Controlling the Entire Deck: the Optical Shuffle very deceptive simulation Variations 260
Joseph K. Schmidt Subconscious Poker one card is controlled during the repeat-dealing of five poker-hand and appears in a Royal FlushAlso published here 262
Al Leech, Earl Nelson, Edward Marlo Aces Off the Cuff two black Aces are produced, transform into red two Aces and reappear from the sleeves, "sleeve aces"Inspired by 265
Jerry K. Hartman, Roberto Giobbi The Popover Move 268
Roberto Giobbi Palming introduction 269
Roberto Giobbi, Arturo de Ascanio Theoretical Considerations 271
Unknown The Palm Grip basic palming position 272
Dai Vernon The Top Palm "Topping the Deck" 273
Dai Vernon, Roberto Giobbi Palming Multiple Cards from the Top 276
Various, Roberto Giobbi Concealing Palmed Cards in the Hand a good collection of natural covers 277
Various Replacing Palmed Cards six methods 285
Francis Carlyle, Philippe Socrate, Jimmy Grippo Homing Card Plus extension with deck to pocketInspired by 288
Johann Nepomuk Hofzinser, Roberto Giobbi The Cards of Capistrano Cards across (three cards + five cards) 292
Roberto Giobbi The Pass Introduction 295
Unknown The Classic Pass including good tips for practicing the Pass 297
Various Covers for the Pass 300
Dr. James William Elliott The Riffle Pass 300
Unknown Finnegins Rewake selected card vanishes and reappeares on top of the deck 304
Unknown Card Through Handkerchief 305
Roberto Giobbi False Display Count Introduction 309
Alex Elmsley The Elmsley Count 311
Charles T. Jordan The Jordan Count 314
Brother John Hamman The Hamman Count 315
Unknown The Buckle Count 318
Unknown The Push-off Count 319
Brother John Hamman The Hamman Two-for Four Count 320
Brother John Hamman, Arturo de Ascanio The Really Wild Nine-Card Trick nine black and one red become nine red and one blackInspired by 321
Philip T. Goldstein, Alfonso, Roberto Giobbi The Royal Acrobats Twisting the Kings, who then trap a selected cardRelated toVariations 324
Edward Marlo Cover-Up Cut 326
Roberto Giobbi The Double Lift, Part 2 Introduction 330
Unknown Another Double Turnover 331
Juan Tamariz Vanished Without a Trace! indifferent card changes into freely chosen card and then "rub-a-dub-dub" vanishesInspired by 335
Unknown Rub-a-Dub-Vanish 336
Unknown The Ambitious Card 337
Wesley James Coming Up in the World 338
Frederick Braue The Pop-up Card visual climax for ambitious card routine 341
Roberto Giobbi The Crimp introduction 345
Unknown Crimping with the Index Finger 347
Unknown Crimping with the Heel of the Thumb 347
Dai Vernon Crimping with an Overhand Shuffle 348
Unknown Cutting to a Crimped Card 349
Unknown Applications for the Crimp 349
Unknown Transposition Extraordinary spectator remembers a card and its position, it transposes with card on tableInspired by 350
Roberto Giobbi The Glimpse introduction 353
Unknown Top-Card Riffle Glimpse 355
Unknown Top-Card Double Lift Glimpse 356
S. W. Erdnase Top-card Riffle Shuffle Glimpse 356
Unknown Bottom Card All-around Square-up Glimpse 357
Unknown Situational Bottom Card Glimpses many practical methods 357
Unknown Center Card Glimpse 359
Edward Marlo, Carmen D'Amico Card Catcher deck is riffled face-up/facedown; chosen card appeares face up in face down half of the deck 360
Unknown Impossible! a card is found under extremely fair conditions 363
Roberto Giobbi The Reverse introduction 365
Frederick Braue The Braue Reverse 367
Dr. Jacob Daley, Sam Leo Horowitz Double Lift Reverse 368
Dr. Jacob Daley Double Turnover Reverse 370
Unknown The Leg Reverse 371
Unknown Deck Turnover Reverse Bottom Reverse 372
Theodore Annemann, Roberto Giobbi The Whistle Related to 374
Frank Garcia, Roberto Giobbi Reversible Mix-up Inspired by 376
Roberto Giobbi False Cut Techniques, Part 2 introduction 379
Unknown A True, Single, Tabled Cut 381
Unknown Single, Tabled, False Cut I 384
Unknown Single, Tabled, False Cut II 385
Unknown A True Running Cut 386
Unknown Up the Ladder 388
Dai Vernon Dai Vernon's Cold-deck Cut 389
S. W. Erdnase, Frank Garcia Affas-gaffas False Cut 391
Unknown, Darwin Ortiz Gambler's False Triple Cut 392
Roberto Giobbi Flourishes, Part 2 393
Unknown Turning Over the Top Card IV 395
Unknown Turning Over the Top Card V also for double turnover 396
Carmen D'Amico Turning Over the Top Card VI also for double turnover 396
Unknown Springing the Cards 397
Unknown The Cascade 399
Hubert Lambert, Nate Leipzig The Swivelleroo Cut Also published here 401
Unknown The Flip-flap Cut 402
Howard de Courcy One-handed Riffle Shuffle 404
Roberto Giobbi Some Thoughts on Theoretical Subjects 408
Roberto Giobbi Presentation - The Role of Presentation
- The Role of the Performer
- Style
- Theme
- The Script
- The Audience
- Humor, Comedy and the Joke
- Diverse Presentational Strategies
- Presentation and Construction
- Concluding Remarks
- Recommended Reading
Roberto Giobbi Construction - The Construction of a Trick
- The Construction of a Routine
- The Construction of the Program
- In Conclusion
- Recommended Reading
Roberto Giobbi Directing Attention - The Means of Perception
- The Physical Direction of Attention
- Mental Direction of Attention
- Reading Your Spectators
- Summary
- Recommended Reading
Theodore Annemann, Max Maven Magician's Choice one out of three objects 440
Roberto Giobbi Technique, Handling and Management - Technique
- The Handling
- Management
- Concluding Remarks
- Recommended Reading
Roberto Giobbi Timing - Timing and Duration
- Timing and Rhythm
- Timing and the Moment
- Timing and Coordination
- Timing and Simultaneity
- Summary
- Recommended Reading
Theodore Annemann Jinx Change brief handling discussion 459
Roberto Giobbi Outs for Disasters and Disturbances - Disasters
- Disturbances from the Audience
- Conclusion
- Recommended Reading
Unknown The Study of Card Conjuring Choosing Material, Studying, Training Techniques 476
Roberto Giobbi The Study of Card Conjuring - Choosing, Sifting and Collecting Material
- Studying a Card Trick
- General Remarks
- Accessories
- Training Techniques
- Concluding Remarks
- Recommended Reading
Roberto Giobbi Bibliographic Notes 487