Written by Jerry Mentzer

Work of Various

188 pages (Hardcover), published by Jerry Mentzer (Magic Methods)
Illustrated with drawings by Commugraphics.
Language: English

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Creators Title Comments & References Page Categories
Jerry Mentzer Introduction 1
Paul Diamond Diamond Aces four cards are shown as duplicates of selection, transform to aces 5
Paul Diamond How About That! two packets from different decks 9
Jerry Mentzer In Case kings and "mystery card" placed in case in beginning 11
Jerry Mentzer Small Packet Palm 13
Unknown Card to Case Load 19
Jim Lee Into the Case "Magical Lee" card placed in case in beginning is later selection, double backer 21
Larry West Ace in the Case cased ace of spades transposes with selection 27
Jerry Mentzer Last Minute Arrival 30
John Murray Four-Way Coincidence impromptuRelated toVariationsAlso published here 36
Roy Walton Poker Progressive stack and faros 43
Roy Walton Ambitious 1-2-3-4 ambitious sequence with Ace through Four, one of them changes to selectionInspired byRelated toAlso published here 45
Roy Walton "Roy"-al Monte Inspired byRelated toAlso published here 49
Roy Walton Five-Card Ascanio Spread 49
Roy Walton As You Were order of Ace-Four changes several times 53
Roy Walton Offset Aces four blank cards become aces when Ace of Spades is introduced 56
Roy Walton Runaround small packet multiple ambition, aces appear, joker transposes with four Queens 60
Roy Walton Tricky Tuition fake explanation 67
Jeff Busby Travelling Transmutators aces twisting phase, r/b transpo phase, transformation, reproduction of acesRelated to 73
John Miller, Edward Marlo Incomplete Faro Location 79
John Miller Incomplete Faro Sandwich 81
John Miller "No Faro" Faro Note no-faro method of his previous trick 82
Joseph K. Schmidt Actually Cutting the Aces 82
Louis Zingone Zingone Thumbnail Gauge 83
William P. Miesel A Different Approach to Transpositions 87
William P. Miesel Take Three from sandwich in one half to other half 91
William P. Miesel Mini Oil and Water 2&2, four phasesAlso published here 96
Paul Swinford Four Pile Triumph 103
Paul Swinford Zenith Triumph 106
Paul Swinford Triumph F.M.O. Variations 110
Paul Swinford Duo Control two card controlVariations 111
Don Adams Sandwich Effect sandwiched card turns over, then transforms 119
Unknown Partial Ascanio three cards visible 120
Don Adams Double Exchange 125
Bill Spooner Revelation tabled predicition matches selection, using Impeccable Double 128
Jerry K. Hartman Losers Leapers queens sandwiched between kings travel from one half to the other 131
Bob Veeser Veeser Concept 131
Jack McMillen Plunger Principle 135
Larry West Four of a Kind four random card change to duplicates of selections, then to the appropriate four of a kind 136
T. Nelson Downs Downs Change 137
Larry West All Alike Sequence 138
Rick Johnsson, Jerry Mentzer Total Involvement from several cards spectator thinks of odd-backed card 143
Rick Johnsson, Dai Vernon, Jerry Mentzer Optical Move with Paper Clip 144
Rick Johnsson Cannibal Cards 148
Edward Marlo ATFUS 150
Rick Johnsson Empty Kosky 154
Lu Brent Lox deck hole-punched with lock, selection penetrates lockAlso published here 159
J. W. Sarles, T. Page Wright, William Larsen Further Than That production of selection, aces and royal flush 162
Dan Tong Tong's Aces 165
Unknown Tenkai Palm Steal from small packet 170
John F. Mendoza Simple Shotgun breakless handlingInspired by 172
Jerry Mentzer Five Card Revelation 175
Alex Elmsley The Elmsley Count 181
Charles T. Jordan The Jordan Count 184
Roy Walton The E.J. Count "Elmsley Jordan", Siva Count, see "Vis à Vis" for credit informationRelated to 187
Jack Avis The Siva Count 187