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Peter Duffie The Judas Shuffle (and Applications)
  • To Stack Four Aces for a Four-Handed Game
  • To Stack the Aces for Any Number of Hands
  • To Stack a Royal Flush (5 Cards)
  • The Judas Fastack Shuffle
Also published here 1995 167
Peter Duffie Eleven Plus chosen pair of cards adds to eleven which is predicted, using dealing into two piles repeatedly (stay stack principle)
VariationsAlso published here 1995 170
Peter Duffie Eleven Plus Plus stay stack principle
Inspired by 1995 173
Peter Duffie Almost But not Quite
Inspired by 1995 174
Peter Duffie The Working Assambly
Inspired by 1995 176
Peter Duffie Mixed Reaction Miraskill & Gilbreath
1995 182
Peter Duffie The Maze Connection four times stop, off-beat effect
Inspired by 1995 186
Peter Duffie The Vegas Connection Gilbreath thing
1995 190
Peter Duffie Flight of Hand three Selections travel from between Aces to Kings, credit information
1995 194
Peter Duffie The Protection Racket three Selections travel from between Aces to Kings
1995 199
Peter Duffie Only a Game Down under Deal, spectators get matches
Also published here 1995 202
Peter Duffie Rooms for Maneuver also inspired by Hotel Mystery
1995 205
Peter Duffie Two Decks But With a Single Thought two prepared decks
Inspired by 1995 209
Peter Duffie The Self-Seekers
Inspired by
  • "Jubilee Countdown" (Roy Walton, Fifty Years Later)
  • "Chiefly Yourselves" (Roy Walton, Linking Ring)
1995 213
Peter Duffie Within You Without You
Inspired by 1995 217
Peter Duffie Re-Scan Variant using spelling
Inspired by 1995 223
Peter Duffie No Two Ways About It two signatures transpose
Inspired byRelated to 1995 226
Peter Duffie Changing Sides two cards signed on back, they transpose
Related toAlso published here 1995 229
Peter Duffie Thoughts on the Bottom estimation & Bottom Deal
Related toVariationsAlso published here 1995 232
Peter Duffie The Final Solution
Inspired by 1995 235
Peter Duffie The Packet Palm as packet is turned over
1995 242
Peter Duffie Center Block Palm from center or top, multiple cards
Inspired by 1995 244
Walter "Sonny" Day The Day Double Lift interesting push-off
Inspired byRelated toVariations 1995 247
Peter Duffie The Grift Shift bluff type
1995 248
Peter Duffie The Nulling Factor clean up for reversed deck under top card
Inspired by
  • "Nullifactor" (Stewart James, 1951)
1995 250
Peter Duffie The Correction Pass for cleaning up a faced deck
Inspired by 1995 252
Peter Duffie The Double Innercut top card to anywhere near bottom
1995 253
Peter Duffie The Double Overcut bottom to top
Related to 1995 255
Peter Duffie The Production Cut
1995 257
Peter Duffie Peek Break Technique for getting break above selection
1995 258
Peter Duffie Spin Cut Lapping
1995 262
Peter Duffie Toss-In Lap Switch card is switched/lapped as it is tossed through deck
Related to 1995 264
Peter Duffie P.O.U.S. (Palm Off Utility Sleight) in the act of apparantly turning packet over
Inspired by 1995 266
Peter Duffie Duffie's Depth Deception subtlety
Variations 1995 268
Joseph K. Schmidt Call your Hand II thirteen card set-up
Inspired byVariations 1995 71
Peter Duffie Eightsum
July 1995
Apocalypse (Vol. 18 No. 7)
Peter Duffie Lucky Card, This Deck
Nov. 1995
Apocalypse (Vol. 18 No. 11)
Edward Marlo Coin Slide Vanish coin slides from card into hand
Related toVariationsAlso published here 1995 217
Edward Marlo Variation of Phase Four detective card placed at phase of deck, another card peeked at, detective travels reversed next to selection, repeated
Inspired by
  • "Two Jacks Again and Again" (Neal Elias)
Related toAlso published here
  • The New Tops, Apr. 1979
1995 400
Peter Duffie Foreword
1995 1
Jon Racherbaumer Calculated Invisible Toss card among five chosen, it becomes invisible and reappears reversed in deck at position that equals sum of remaining four cards
Inspired byVariations 1995 10
Peter Duffie Incomplete Surprise two cards chosen, packet cut off and counted, then card chosen in incomplete faro condition, another card chosen by counting to original number, an indicator turns over with both selections on either side
Related to 1995 13
Peter Duffie Re-Calculated Invisible Toss card among five chosen, it becomes invisible and reappears reversed in deck at position that equals sum of remaining four cards
Inspired by 1995 16
Jon Racherbaumer The Spectator Works Harder to Triumph tapestry routine with sixteen cards, only selection remains reversed
Inspired by
  • Peter Duffie routine
1995 25
Peter Duffie Pockette one phase ambitious card with Ace, then card travels to pocket
Also published here 1995
Intermagic (Vol. 19 No. 3)
Aldo Colombini Four-Cast four cards tabled, selection lost, tabled cards indicate color, odd/even, face/spot card and last card turns out to be selection itself
Inspired by
  • Peter Duffie effect
1995 67
Jerry K. Hartman Multiple selection control one at a time spectators stop performer as he Swing-Cuts thin packets through deck and look at the card they stop at
Related to 1995 103
Peter Duffie The Diary forcing the 14th or 22nd of a month, card predicted, using stunumber force with four blank cards that have numbers on both sides
Sep. 1995
Magic (Vol. 5 No. 1)
Michael Close (reviewer) Duffie's Card Compulsions by Peter Duffie
reviewed together with Mac King
Sep. 1995
Magic (Vol. 5 No. 1)
Peter Duffie Pasteboard Detection mathematical, CATO
May 1996
Apocalypse (Vol. 19 No. 5)
Peter Duffie Hopover thought of card from red pack transpose with thought of card from black packet
Inspired by
  • "The PallaD Principle" (Peter Duffie, Cards in Principle)
1996 1213
Peter Duffie Double Vision any red and black cards removed from face-up spread, values added, that day in calendar has both those cards written next to it, both also predicted in envelope
1996 1
Peter Duffie Rope rope cut into four pieces and knotted together is restored
Inspired by
  • "Ti Cheng, Kumati!" (Trevor Hall, Reading Is Believing)
1996 2
Peter Duffie, Charles T. Jordan, Dick Zimmerman Jumbo Jeopardy signed jumbo card torn into quarters, one quarter under wallet, other quarters put under other jumbo cards on table, those vanish and card is restored under wallet
1996 4
Peter Duffie Caprice two Jokers placed in in the two side pockets, two selections transpose with those Jokers, pocket ruse, then selections travel to the pockets once more
Inspired by 1996 6
Peter Duffie Braindeath card named, a card is reversed in deck, it is not the selection but faces the selection and the selection's name is written on its back
Also published here 1996 7
Peter Duffie Greetings from Peter Duffie Banknight with a card to envelope
1996 8
Peter Duffie Draw Poker Gilbreath principle in the form that cards are taken from two piles to make up poker hands, two spectators do this and get straight flushes
Inspired byVariations 1996 9
Peter Duffie Find the Ladies four Queens tabled, spot card added, it changes to a Queen and other four cards are four-of-a-kind of spot card
1996 10
Peter Duffie The Equaliser card chosen, its suit used to spell to all the Aces
1996 11
Peter Duffie, Neil Smith The Con Artist
  • Stage One: bottom deal shown and exposed, then spectator tries it but performer gets Aces instead
  • Stage Two: Aces put reversed in center, four hands dealt, one of them are the Aces, cards assembled and Aces shown back in center
1996 12
Peter Duffie Thirteen Steps to Mental Illness gags
1996 13
Peter Duffie Welcome to Open Secrets
1996 1
Peter Duffie Psychographicalisationalism unknown card between spectator's hands, signed card lost, two blank cards are also inserted between hands, unknown card is shown to be signed selection
1996 3
Peter Duffie Directorial
1996 4
Peter Duffie Dustinct chalk mark from between two coins to spectator's palm
1996 5
Peter Duffie Oversiter two eight-card packets, two cards travel across, Biddle counts
1996 7
Peter Duffie Flouncing Kings in pocket, Aces in hand, first one King transposes with an Ace, then the others at once
1996 8
Peter Duffie Hilarry card from one half to sandwich cards in tabled half, Visitor adaption
1996 10
Peter Duffie Sametric two wrong cards end up sandwiching the reversed selection
1996 11
Peter Duffie Swatta card chosen and removed, Aces cut to one by one and vanished again, they end up collecting the other three mates of chosen card
Inspired by 1996 12
Peter Duffie Jaxaphonic four Jacks turn over in the deck at once and sandwich selection
Inspired by 1996 13
Peter Duffie Habitutonic predicting with two cards for suit and value
Inspired by 1996 14
Peter Duffie Prodection "Bonus Item!", card named and removed, wrong gag prediction removed from pocket, turned over and the card is written on back of prediction
1996 15
Peter Duffie Two's Company two selections, one appears between red Kings on table, black Kings are cut into deck and both selection appear between them, red Kings are emtpy
Inspired by 1996 1
Peter Duffie Diploid two piles, two cards cut to in one half are used to count to selections in other half
Inspired byRelated to 1996 2
Peter Duffie Amalga-Mate card pocketed, then a card chosen for value and suit each, it matches prediction in pocket, Mexican Prediction
Inspired by
  • "Ten Mate" (Joe Rindfleisch, Precursor, Jan. 1996)
1996 4
Peter Duffie Jagged Edge half of a card vanishes and reappears stapled to another signed card
Inspired by 1996 5
Peter Duffie The 25% Solution corner of selection vanishes and appears stapled onto another card
Inspired by 1996 6
Peter Duffie Procuring the Aces spectator cuts deck into four piles, elimination process with top four cards until one remains, repeated three more times
1996 7
Peter Duffie Metathesis packet with red cards and with black cards, two thought-of (mathematical procedure) cards transpose
Inspired by
  • "The PallaD Principle" (Peter Duffie, Cards in Principle)
1996 8
Peter Duffie Gala Show
Inspired by 1996 9
Peter Duffie Forced Entry two halves, one half shuffled and a card chosen and another one reversed, faroed together and cards next to reversed card give position of first selection, 13/14 stack
1996 10
Peter Duffie Imogenetic three cards chosen and face up on table, another card made with suit and value of two of those cards, that card found via spelling and other cards from that value as well
Inspired by
  • "Genimo" (Alan Francis, Abacus, Vol. 4 No. 7)
1996 11
Peter Duffie Simplaces using Henry Christ force
1996 12
Peter Duffie Succubi one card reversed in twenty-five cards ESP deck, word spelled, then cards dealt into five hands, hand with reversed card is all the same symbol and others mixed
Inspired byRelated to 1996 13
Peter Duffie Chambre Ardente spectator finds five cards with same symbol
1996 14
Peter Duffie Aradia ESP card pocketed and another chosen, both divined
Variations 1996 15
Peter Duffie Medvegia some dealing and coin placements
Inspired byRelated to
  • "Figgarow" (Stewart James, The First Fifty Years)
1996 16
Peter Duffie The Supernal Datebook diary with objects written next to every day, date chosen with number cards
Inspired by 1996 17
Peter Duffie The Second Hand Gambler two hands dealt, one is Royal Flush, then any type of hand named and dealt with the same ten cards
Inspired by 1996 18
Peter Duffie Blakjak some cards exchanged, yet perfect blackjack hands show up
1996 19
Peter Duffie Blade Runner knife stabbed in deck, one card impaled, it's the wrong card and changes into correct one
1996 20
Peter Duffie Collecstasy three Kings collect two selections
Inspired by 1996 1
Peter Duffie Marraid four Kings cut to, then suits spelled to find Queens
1996 1
Peter Duffie Cupidea Ace Assembly with only three cards instead of four (Jack, Queen, King)
1996 2
Peter Duffie Reverst two selections turn over
1996 3
Peter Duffie Brag-Artist one of four cards thought of, shuffled back, four three-card hands dealt, top cards are selection and the three Aces of other suits
1996 4
Peter Duffie Acetrait Henry Christ force
1996 5
Peter Duffie Ediblector two cards vanish between Kings, reappear in deck
Inspired by 1996 6
Peter Duffie Dubill two selections counted to in two piles, Nine Principle
1996 7
Peter Duffie Odditorial two cards chosen from packet, dealt in two piles, selection only odd card in red-black separated pile, bad blind/stupid
Related toAlso published here
  • in "The Griffin"
1996 8
Peter Duffie Twixy Twisted Hofzinser
1996 9
Peter Duffie Flushock four cards change to complete a Royal Flush
Also published here 1996 10
Peter Duffie Separatic 3&3
Related to
  • Stuart Judah routine
1996 11
Peter Duffie Stabbath card used to stab next to selection becomes selection, a second selection reverses in deck
Inspired byRelated to
  • "Stabbatical" (Peter Duffie, The Budget, 1997)
1996 12
Peter Duffie Sivakey Center Double Lift used to obtain key card
1996 13
Peter Duffie Dreaming
1996 14
Peter Duffie Laurel & Hardy Card Trick two cards chosen from deck with names on the backs, they are Stan and Ollie and prediction is Laurel and Hardy photograph
1996 8
Jon Racherbaumer Whispering Snitch
Inspired by
  • Peter Duffie version of The Whispering Queen
1996 19
Peter Duffie Hands Off Hofzinser Hofzinser Ace Problem, almost everything happens in spectator's hands
Also published here Apr. 1996
Magic (Vol. 5 No. 8)
Peter Duffie Preface
1997 9
Peter Duffie A Blind Table Cut Not complete, but keeps order of cyclical/rotational stacks
  • First handling
  • Second handling
1997 11
Peter Duffie The Combo Mix Sloppy false cut, not complete, but retains order of cyclical stack
1997 12
Peter Duffie An Effortless Card Control Can be done as multiple control
Inspired by 1997 14
Peter Duffie, G. W. Hunter, Albert Verity A Blind Overhand Shuffle
1997 15
Peter Duffie From Nowhere Spectator cuts the deck a few times, Royal Flush in Spades is produced
Inspired by
  • "Cruz Control" (Phil Goldstein, The Linking Ring one man parade, 1995)
1997 17
Peter Duffie When Random Cards Collide! four random cards placed between two other random cards, change into four Aces
Variations 1997 19
Peter Duffie Aces Take The Plunge two random cards placed in deck, cards next to them are four Aces
Inspired by 1997 21
Peter Duffie Return to St. Nicholas red Aces appear between two Jokers, Jokers then change into black Aces
Inspired byRelated toVariationsAlso published here 1997 23
Iain Girdwood Girdwood Meets St. Nicholas Black Aces appear between two Jokers, Jokers then change into red Aces
Inspired byRelated to 1997 26
Peter Duffie Different Class Joker stabbed into pack to select a card from two halves of a deck each, reveal that card selected is the odd colour out (e.g. all cards are red except black selection)
Inspired by 1997 28
Lin Searles Block Mexican Turnover
Related to 1997 29
Peter Duffie The Master Cards Spectator and magician each have five cards, card selected in each packet, packets combined and re-dealt; each packet is now four of same color and one of the other color, odd card out is the selection
Inspired by
  • "The PallaD Principle" (Peter Duffie, Cards in Principle)
1997 30
Peter Duffie Double Ender Chicago Opener type of effect with "thought of" cards
1997 32
Peter Duffie Color Blind Red card selected from red half, black card selected from black half. Inserted in opposite color group, and then they transpose back to original halves, reversing themselves in the process
1997 34
Peter Duffie, Alan Alan We Can Work It Out Two cards selected and lost, thirteen cards of the suit matching the first spectator's card is placed in pocket. Card is extracted from pocket, but revealed to be second spectator's card. Deck then turns blank except first spectator's card.
Inspired by
  • "Paleface Cards" (Horace Bennett, marketed by REPRO Magic, 1970s)
1997 35
Peter Duffie The Unknown Entity Convoluted coincidence effect with two packets, one packet counted down to find mate in other packet (two cards, two piles, but not same position)
1997 38
Peter Duffie Matchical Mix Two Cards, Two Piles, Same position - selection and mate
Also published here 1997 40
Peter Duffie Mirror Power Variation of Power of Thought, four of a kind produced as they are at same position in two piles, matches spectator's thought of value
Inspired byRelated toAlso published here
  • Powerth, Peter Duffie, 1993
1997 41
Peter Duffie Two Way Mirror Variation of Power of Thought, two spectators think of a value each, when two piles are dealt, the only matching pairs of mates matches the two thought of values
Inspired byAlso published here
  • Powerth, Peter Duffie, 1993
1997 43
Peter Duffie An Interesting Use of That Principle Two cards, two piles, same position + prediction kicker
1997 44
Peter Duffie Divided We Lie Lie Detector with two selections in two piles, kicker where selection is different color from rest of the packet
Inspired by 1997 48
Peter Duffie The Lie Detective Lie Detector effect with one selection, identity of cards determine if spectator is telling truth/lie (e.g. spot/court, suit)
Inspired by
  • "Forces Favourite" (Ed Ward, Abacus Vol. 3, No. 11)
1997 50
Peter Duffie Lie Stebbins Lie Detector effect with one selection, identity of cards determine if spectator is telling truth/lie (e.g. color, suit, value)
Related to 1997 51
Peter Duffie Lie Stebbins Plus! Lie Detector effect with two selection, identity of cards determine if spectator is telling truth/lie (e.g. spot/court, suit), but has double revelation
Related to 1997 54
Peter Duffie Effortless Count-Down Kings cut and lost into the deck, deck is dealt into four piles by spectator, top cards are Ace Two Three Four, count down the values to find the Kings
Inspired by 1997 56
Peter Duffie Men-Aces Two cards selected and lost, red Aces produced, then two black Aces reverse in the deck, trapping face-up selections
1997 58
Peter Duffie Aces Are Ace Selection placed sandwiched between red Aces. Black Aces placed face up in deck, sandwiches other three mates
1997 59
Peter Duffie Aces in the Fast Lane Elevator effect with four Aces, rise through different number of cards in each pile, then end with assembling in one packet
1997 62
Peter Duffie A Four Ace Ensemble Jazz Aces type of effect, four Aces assemble in one packet, uses four court cards as the extra cards held by magician
1997 65
Peter Duffie The Fourmost Card reversed in packet of twenty-five cards, packet is "mixed" and dealt into five poker hands - hand with reversed card contains four of a kind, other hands are mixed
Inspired byRelated toVariations 1997 67
Peter Duffie The Diary of Delusion Two cards cut to are used to choose a date in a pocket diary - the two cards form a composite card, which is predicted in the diary at that date
1997 69
Peter Duffie, George McBride All The Fives! Packet of four cards set aside as prediction, spectator eliminates cards until two cards left, values added together equal five, four cards are the four Fives (variation, first published in Abracadabra no. 2590)
Variations 1997 72
Peter Duffie Back To The Future Packet sum value of four cards tell you how many cards down selection is
Inspired by 1997 73
Peter Duffie The Winning Formula Three cards set aside, card is selected and lost. Two of the three cards are used to find selection
Inspired by 1997 75
Peter Duffie Weird Image Name of card freely cut to appears on the back of another card that previously had no markings
Inspired by 1997 76
Peter Duffie, Tom Sellers Leaping Tom Two card transposition with weird counting/dealing sequence
Variations 1997 78
Peter Duffie The Backwards Almanac Locate card with long dealing and counting sequence about the deck being a pocket diary
Inspired by 1997 80
Peter Duffie Dead Certain Location Value of magician's selected card finds spectator's card, impossible location (based on Richard Vollmer effect, unnamed)
1997 81
Peter Duffie The Short Deck Baffler Challenge location, card freely selected and shuffled, magician finds it
1997 82
Peter Duffie Trost-worthy Six pairs of cards, spectator selects one pair and adds the values of the cards, count down the deck to find selected card (based on Nick Trost ESP Trick)
1997 83
Peter Duffie The Automatic Locator
1997 85
Peter Duffie The Apparition Magician has four Kings, spectator has four Jumbo Kings. Selection appears amongst the Kings, jumbo version of selection appears amongst the jumbo Kings in their hands.
1997 87
Peter Duffie Before You Die Random numbers of die used to mix/transfer cards from packet to packet, then reveal two selections
1997 90
Peter Duffie Super Duplex Count-Down two selections made fairly, able to locate both immediately
Inspired by 1997 92
Peter Duffie Mystic Seven Seven cards dealt down to find first selection face up. Seven cards dealt again, but find first selection again, the previous selection is now the second selection
Inspired by 1997 93
Peter Duffie The Magnet Ace of Spades placed reversed in deck, two face up selections appear next to it
1997 96
Peter Duffie Thinking and Sinking two Jokers penetrate and sink to bottom of two packets, selections are found on top of each packet
Inspired by 1997 98
Peter Duffie, Gene Maze Double-Stuck Prediction of two selections in the form of jumbo cards (weird twisting revelation), found to be stapled together, and the actual selections are also stapled together
Inspired by 1997 99
Peter Duffie Clear to the Point Signed selection placed in clear plastic envelope, which is sandwiched between two Jokers. Card vanishes and appears between two other Jokers in spectator's hand
Inspired by 1997 103
Peter Duffie M.I.M.C. Two spectators sign two cards with different backs, the two signatures on the faces transpose
Inspired by 1997 106
Peter Duffie An Unexpected Prediction Cards in a packet turned face down one by one by counting sequence, remaining card that is face up has PREDICTION written on the back (uses prime principle by George Sands)
Variations 1997 108
Peter Duffie Four Card Monte
1997 109
Peter Duffie, Gordon Bruce A Transposition? two card transpo with slight discrepancy
1997 112
Peter Duffie Get Back! King placed amongst the four Fours travel back to the King packet (jumbo cards)
1997 113
Peter Duffie The Card of the Oracle Spelling to two cards
1997 116
Peter Duffie Spell Or Deal, It's Up to You! Spectator thinks of any card in packet, magician divines it, then choose to either down/under deal to it or spell to it.
1997 118
Peter Duffie The Spectator Makes a Sandwich! Hands off multiple sandwich, find two cards
Inspired by 1997 120
Peter Duffie Settling the Score Long spelling trick, impromptu and hands off
1997 121
Peter Duffie Spell-Raiser Card reversed in deck, spell the card to find selected card
1997 123
Marty Kane, Karl Fulves, Peter Duffie Marty's Miracle Card found via elimination procedure, eliminate every odd card in packet
Inspired by 1997 125
Peter Duffie Loyal Marriages Four Kings and Queens incorrectly matched, two Jokers used to match them magically
Inspired by 1997 126
Peter Duffie, Iain Girdwood, Max Maven Return to Suabia Hofzinser Ace Problem + Twisting the Aces
Inspired by
  • "The Suabian Twist" (Peter Duffie, Cards in Principle, 1994)
1997 129
Peter Duffie Remembrance Remember and Forget, with packet color separation as a surprise ending
Inspired by 1997 132
Peter Duffie Hands Off Hofzinser Hofzinser Ace Problem, almost everything happens in spectator's hands
Also published here 1997 134
Peter Duffie Hofzinser On The Up Hofzinser Ace Problem with sandwich plot, card appears between black Jacks is the Ace
1997 136
Peter Duffie Hofzinser By Stealth Hofzinser Ace Problem but super easy to do
1997 139
Peter Duffie, Dave Robertson Vanished Or Gone spectator thinks of any card, card is shown to have vanished from the pack / word GONE is printed on the back
Inspired byRelated to 1997 142
Peter Duffie Still Scheming Play it Straight Triumph type of effect with CATO procedure, use half a deck
Inspired by 1997 144
Peter Duffie The Dream Machine Divine selection, variation of Mindreader's Dream
Inspired by 1997 146
Peter Duffie The Mindreader's Reality
1997 147
Peter Duffie The Mindreader's Wisdom No prearrangement of cards
1997 148
Peter Duffie A Popular Misconception Elevator effect + Gemini Mates plot
1997 150
Peter Duffie An Odd Occurrence Weird sandwich trick with packet
1997 152
Peter Duffie Backfire Poker Ten cards, spectator ends with winning hand (not ten card poker deal)
Inspired byAlso published here 1997 154
Peter Duffie A Plain Sandwich Kings vanish from bottom of deck, sandwich selection instantly
1997 155
Peter Duffie, Gene Maze Hudson's Hawk Two spectators get perfect Blackjacks from randomized half of the deck by themselves, hands off
1997 157
Peter Duffie Some Might Say Triumph type of effect, end with four of a kind
Inspired by 1997 159
Peter Duffie Torn, Folded, and Sealed Torn, folded and sealed cards transpose
Inspired by 1997 162
Peter Duffie Hellraiser II elevator effect with Ace to Four of Hearts and two Jokers
Inspired byVariations 1997 163
Alex Elmsley Underworld nine cards
Related toVariations 1997 1
Marty Kane Part Three - Using 6 Target Cards
  • The Spell of Royalty
  • Variation #1
  • Variation #2
  • Pellmell Spell
  • Variation #1
  • Variation #2
  • Variation #3
  • Spelling and Think-King
  • Variation #1
  • Variation #2
  • Parallel Spell
  • Variation
  • Clientele Under Your Spell
  • Variation
  • Monthly Spells
  • Variation
  • Blanking Out Spells
  • Variation for Two Spectators
  • Variation for Three Spectators
Related to 1997 1325
David Lindgreen Joker Power two cards selected and lost (pseudo duplicates), Elevator with two Jokers and Ace to Three of Spades, Jokers change to selections, two methods
Inspired by 1997 114
Peter Duffie Acquiescence two spectators lay out pairs, red-black matching total predicted
Variations 1997 1
Peter Duffie The Fleeing Aces Aces travel from one half to another and capture a card there
1997 2
Peter Duffie Four to the Fore card spelled to, spelling piles reveal four-of-a-kind
1997 3
Peter Duffie My Fair Lady four wrong cards found, Queen of Hearts waved over them, they become the four Queens and the former Queen is now the selection
1997 4
Peter Duffie A Digital Deceit selection and number divined, cross sum
1997 5
Peter Duffie In the Basement Kings put at bottom of deck, three selection end up between them
Inspired by 1997 6
Peter Duffie Still Down There! Ace to Three put on bottom, two selections end up between them
Inspired by 1997 7
Peter Duffie Follow the Signs Ace of Spades on top of one half transposes with other three Aces on top of other half
Related to 1997 9
Peter Duffie 3 and 1 Location four keys on top, spectator starts by dealing four hands
1997 10
Peter Duffie Elucidation one of thirteen thought of
1997 11
Peter Duffie Sheer-luck Holmes
  • Part One "The Great Brain Robbery" (some cards take from a packet, value of card left after down-under deal tells how many)
  • Part Two "No Hiding Place" (down-under deal locates a selection)
Inspired by
  • "Sherlocution" (Phil Goldstein, The Conjuror, Oct. 1995)
1997 12
Peter Duffie Jax in the Bocks black Aces put in box, red Aces outside change to black Aces and in box are now four Jacks
1997 13
Peter Duffie Ouija card spelled to, spelling piles reveal four-of-a-kind
1997 14
Peter Duffie Psychic Calculator George Sands's Prime Number Principle
1997 16
Peter Duffie Carnival of Sorts
1997 17
Peter Duffie The Beginning of the End spectator cuts to a card, its value indicates position of Ace of Spades from top
1997 18
Jon Racherbaumer Trap-Lapse two random cards put aside, two cards selected and lost, four random cards cut to and one by one placed between the two random cards from the start, they change into four Aces and the random cards into the selections
Inspired by Oct. 1997
Onyx (Issue 1)
Bob Farmer The Scram-And-Scram Ten Card Deal
  • Flim-Flam
Related toVariationsAlso published here June 1997
Magic (Vol. 6 No. 10)
Peter Duffie Duffie's Zen Card Deal
Inspired byAlso published here July 1997
Magic (Vol. 6 No. 11)
Michael Close (reviewer) Effortless Card Magic by Peter Duffie Aug. 1997
Magic (Vol. 6 No. 12)
Peter Duffie (reviewer) Top Five Tricks in Effortless Card Magic From the Horse's Mouth Sep. 1997
Magic (Vol. 7 No. 1)
Peter Duffie (reviewer) Top Five Tricks in Duffie's Card Compulsions From the Horse's Mouth Sep. 1997
Magic (Vol. 7 No. 1)
Peter Duffie The Duffie Ten Card Deal with prediction
Also published here Sep. 1997
Magic (Vol. 7 No. 1)
Michael Close (reviewer) Clone Zone by Peter Duffie Oct. 1997
Magic (Vol. 7 No. 2)
Michael Close (reviewer) Ghost Flight by Peter Duffie Oct. 1997
Magic (Vol. 7 No. 2)
Michael Close (reviewer) Mind Master! by Peter Duffie Oct. 1997
Magic (Vol. 7 No. 2)
Peter Duffie Flushock four cards change to complete a Royal Flush
Also published here Oct. 1997
Magic (Vol. 7 No. 2)
Peter Duffie All The Trappings two selections, in the end the Kings collect the three mates of one selection
Nov. 1997
Magic (Vol. 7 No. 3)
Peter Duffie Spirits Between Your Palms
Winter 1998 149
Roy Walton, Peter Duffie Poof Change
Winter 1998 155
Chad Long The Tweezers two jokers as tweezers find two aces, then jokers turn into aces
Related to 1998 1364
Frank Stefani Jack Attack spectator cuts to four Jacks and finds selection, see "Informant" reference for impromptu version
Inspired byRelated toVariations 1998
Underworld (Issue 8)
Peter Duffie Centrifugal Diary spectator cuts off pile and counts court cards for month and either red or black number cards for day, forcing a day with a stack, word in calendar predicted
1998 2
Peter Duffie The Chosen Few a card created with a cut off pile by chosen a card for suit and counting for value, another spectator cuts to it
1998 3
Peter Duffie Alien Encounter card chosen, Ace of Spades from an odd-colored deck put in, it becomes selection
Inspired by
  • "Stranger of Another Color" (Norman Houghton, Ibidem #5)
1998 4
Peter Duffie Joint Effort card found at two added chosen numbers
1998 5
Peter Duffie Free Will eight cards, spectator chooses four, performer is left with Aces
Inspired byAlso published here 1998 6
Peter Duffie Predict deck cut, nine cards counted off, some added, total predicted
1998 7
Peter Duffie A Novel Card Trick card selected, three cards chosen to form a page number, in the book/novel the selection is found at that page
1998 8
Peter Duffie Phone Zone No. 1 card location over phone
Variations 1998 9
Peter Duffie Phone Zone No. 2 card location over phone
Inspired by 1998 10
Peter Duffie Multiplex Perplexed four cards selected, two black Jacks end up in deck with two selections around each
1998 11
Peter Duffie The Faranormal spectator places some cards between two Kings, sandwich faro-shuffled, two cards produced that total the number of cards between the Kings now
1998 12
Peter Duffie Bilocation two cards found by using the value and spelling the name of the performer's lucky card (Seven of Diamonds)
Also published here 1998 13
Peter Duffie A Sharp Mind Ace of Spades ends up between two selections, using Cut Deeper Force
Variations 1998 14
Peter Duffie The Speckled Humbug spectator selects red card, but performer goes on to find it among ten black cards, sucker
Inspired byAlso published here
  • Abacus magazine
1998 15
Peter Duffie Whysolation packet of about twenty cards, spectator and performer each remove a card, they turn out to be the only black cards
Inspired by 1998 16
Peter Duffie Introduction
1998 9
Peter Duffie Facing the Bottom Card Handling during overhand shuffle
Inspired by 1998 14
Peter Duffie The Arrow Deck arrows in four directions drawn on every card, cards sorted according to arrows, suits are separated except for named four-of-a-kind
1998 44
Peter Duffie Orientation Change with spin cut sequence
1998 46
Peter Duffie Delirium six blank cards are printed
Inspired by
  • "Blackjack" (Peter Duffie, marketed trick)
1998 48
Peter Duffie Intuitive cards with colored spots and numbers, some selected, a prediction is matched
Related to 1998 54
George McBride Pocket Tweezers two selections are chosen by using the red Aces as tweezers and pocketed, they transpose with the two red Aces
Inspired by 1998 70
Dave Robertson Totally Gone two cards signed and lost, one travels to wallet, second does not but is the only card without "GONE" written on its back
Inspired byVariations 1998 83
Gavin Ross The Information Pack half deck is pushed through other half (incomplete faro) and turns over, full suit visible with selection missing, with variation by Peter Duffie
Inspired by 1998 94
Peter Duffie Acecraft red Aces placed on one half, black on the other, one set transposes and on the other half are two previous selections
Related toVariations 1998 1
Peter Duffie Sudden Impact Aces lost, deck cut onto table at an Ace, the rest of one packet changes into other Aces
Related to 1998 2
Peter Duffie Populace
1998 3
Peter Duffie Impossible Opener two spectators cut to two cards which are then named
Variations 1998 4
Peter Duffie A Piece of the Action selection comes to top, is cut to center, then a sandwich pair appears around it
VariationsAlso published here 1998 5
Peter Duffie Auto-Match Prediction 2 blank cards with different mixed backs, eight pairs made, three of them match which is predicted
1998 6
Peter Duffie Odditied two cards chosen from packet, dealt in two piles, selection only odd card in red-black separated pile, with second deal
Related toVariations 1998 7
Peter Duffie Seconds Away! wo cards chosen from packet, dealt in two piles, selection only odd card in red-black separated pile, without second deal
Inspired by 1998 8
Peter Duffie, Gene Maze The Straggler sandwich placed in center, sandwich cards come to top, selection now reversed
1998 9
Peter Duffie The Enigma of the 7th Card small packet turns over magically except selection
Inspired by
  • "Sympathetic Reverse" (Edward Victor, Willane's Methods for Miracles Number 8)
Also published here
1998 10
Peter Duffie Handy packet tricks with five alphabet cards, spelling HAND and a hand one one card, Sands Prime Number Principle
1998 11
Peter Duffie Phantom Stab reversed card appears with two selections on either side
  • With Three Selections
Inspired byAlso published here 1998 12
Peter Duffie Coversion two piles, card chosen in one half, other half dealt into three piles and stopped anytime, top three cards added to count to selection
Related to 1998 13
Peter Duffie A Formidable Team collectors with only one selection, other two trapped cards are of same suit and value
Oct. 1998
Onyx (Issue 5)
Peter Duffie Uni-Versatile a Jack changes into an Ace, Two and then Three, then the cards become the four Aces
Inspired by Oct. 1998
Onyx (Issue 5)
Joe Rindfleisch Mental Thought Control one of nine, deck dealt into nine piles
Related to Oct. 1998
Onyx (Issue 5)
Jeff Busby Magnetic Blackjack High-Low separated deck combined with Gilbreath principle
Related to 1998 111
Baltazar Fuentes Vertigo II apparently turning deck over but replacing palmed card instead
Inspired byRelated to
  • PAUS - Palm Addition Utility Sleight (Peter Duffie)
1999 1
Karl Fulves Cheat Feat twenty-card packet, two cards selected in spectators's own hands by dealing two poker hand and remembering top card, selections and up as only red in black half and vice versa
Inspired by
  • Peter Duffie trick
Related to
1999 4
Peter Duffie Craftmaster two Kings placed on one half, two more on the other, all are found on one pile and on the other half is a previous selection
Inspired by July 1999
Genii (Vol. 62 No. 7)
Peter Duffie Heavyweight seven card packet, spectator ends up with previously announced "heaviest" card despite some spelling and mixing
Inspired by
  • "Status Quo Principle" (Marty Kane)
Dec. 1999
Genii (Vol. 62 No. 12)
Justin Higham High-Card Mental Revelation spectator shuffles, cuts off a pile and thinks of highest card in that pile
Inspired by 1999 76
Peter Duffie The U.S. Playing Card Company "(Where U.S. = Utter Shambles!)"
on the bad off-center alignment of the Bicycle card printing
Apr. 1999
Onyx (Issue 7)
Peter Duffie A Piece of the Action selection comes to top, is cut to center, then a sandwich pair appears around it
Also published here July 1999
Onyx (Issue 8)
Peter Duffie Jacks High two black Jacks rise through deck, then end up next to two selections
July 1999
Onyx (Issue 8)