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Creators Title Comments & References Source Page Categories
Dai Vernon The Challenge mind-reading presentation for transposition plotRelated toVariations The Dai Vernon Book of Magic 114
Gordon Bean, Brother John Hamman Hamman Switch Variation tabled The Expert's Portfolio No. 1 49
David Regal Unlimited Edition Examinable version of Limited Edition by Larry Jennings and Gordon Bean Close-Up & Personal 116
Gordon Bean Corner Kick indifferent card with torn-off corner transforms into selectionInspired by
  • "Tearing up DeLand" (Jeff Sheridan, Genii March 2000)
Penumbra (Issue 2) 15
Gordon Bean, Jerry K. Hartman Room 51 commentaryInspired by Penumbra (Issue 2) 18
Gordon Bean, David Regal The Hot Spot spectator finds two mates Constant Fooling 1 122
Ryan Matney Corner Kicked Again indifferent card with torn-off corner transforms into selectionInspired by Penumbra (Issue 4) 16
Gordon Bean A Star is Born only the thought of of five cards stays reversed in the packInspired by The Paper Engine 107
Gordon Bean The Standing Challenge spectator mentally selects if the card will rise to the top or the bottomInspired byVariations The Paper Engine 114
Stewart James 51 Faces North - The History
- The Discovery
- The Secret
- Conclusion
Related toVariations Penumbra (Issue 1) 2
Gordon Bean Tie Food coin vanishes from bottom of tie and reappears in knot on top Penumbra (Issue 1) 12
Gordon Bean, Jim Patton Covered Double Shot two spectators end up with their card when deck is dribbled underneath handkerchiefRelated to Penumbra (Issue 5) 5
Jerry K. Hartman Covered, Up! selection appears face up on deck while covered with handkerchiefInspired by Penumbra (Issue 9) 9
Gordon Bean One Hand Washes The Other cards are switched around and surprisingly complete good hands Penumbra (Issue 9 Lazarus Insert) 1
Gordon Bean Not So Plain Moe Variation Penumbra (Issue 11) 4
Gordon Bean The Two-Ton Prophet spectator thinks of a card, performer names a number, at that position is the thought-of card, full deck set-up, inspired by Stewart James' "The Prophet's Choice" (James File, p. 2075) Penumbra (Issue 11) 16
Steve Mayhew, Gordon Bean The Standing Demonstration card comes to top, instead of to bottom the deck reversesInspired by Full Frontal Mayhew 11
Gordon Bean One Out of Three Combination of concept used to force a card. Semi-Automatic Card Tricks — Volume 9 45
Joseph Barry OOMW - Out of My World Related to
  • "Splitting the Difference" (Gordon Bean, Genii, May 2005)
  • "Red/Black" (John Kennedy, Genii, Vol. 52 No. 9, 1989)
Charlotte's Notes 3