Written by Peter Kane

Work of Peter Kane

21 pages (Stapled), published by Selfpublished
Illustrated with drawings by Fred Haywood.
Language: English

(16 entries)


Creators Title Comments & References Page Categories
Peter Kane The Blank Thought Deck blank deck, spectator thinks of any card, performer removes a blank card, all cards get faces and isolated card is thought-of oneVariations 1
Peter Kane Royal Flush Flash kings change into royal flushRelated to 2
Peter Kane Exploding Revelation black jacks placed on tabled deck, they pivot over sideways and reveal selection 4
Peter Kane Second from Bottom Master Move 4
Peter Kane Aces A-Risin'! two aces buried separately come to top 6
Unknown 3C as AC 7
Peter Kane The Face Up Traveller selection from one packet to the other 8
Peter Kane Miss-Show Principle Seven as Six as it is inserted in fan 9
Peter Kane Classic Ace Assembly 10
Unknown Veeser Concept with step 11
Peter Kane Single Shot card shoots out of incomplete faro deck, card gunRelated toVariations 12
Peter Kane The Faro Finders 6S to 8S lost and counted to, aces as kicker 14
Peter Kane Transportation of a Thought odd-backed 15
Unknown Counting Force card at x+1, packet cut off, then x cards counted off 16
Peter Kane Anent Pack Switches deck switch during out-of-hand slapRelated to 18
Peter Kane Tetradism (1) Matching the Cards with freely chosen card
(2) all four-of-a-kinds produced