Written by John Bannon
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63 pages (Paperback), published by Selfpublished
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John Bannon Counterpunch selection lost, Aces are found and used to find selection, but selection was an Ace so the wrong three Aces vanish instead, sucker
Inspired byAlso published here 5
John Bannon The Christ-Cross Force In-the-Hands Criss Cross
Also published here 6
John Bannon, Simon Aronson CC meets HOH Head Over Heels variation, controls card to second from the top reversed
Inspired byAlso published here 7
John Bannon Low Tech Turnover
Also published here 13
John Bannon 4 Faces North no table, four Aces remain turned over at the end
Inspired byAlso published here 15
Tenkai Ishida Tenkai Revolve
William Goodwin, Larry Jennings The Goodwin/Jennings Display
John Bannon Watch The Detectives three Aces placed aside, two Jacks and the fourth Ace are placed in different part of the deck, suddenly the placed-aside Aces are shown to be the Jacks sandwiching the selected Ace
Inspired byAlso published here 20
John Bannon PDFB Switch "Packet Discrepant Fat Block Switch"
Also published here 21
John Bannon New Jax sandwiched card transposes with another card, happens in deck
Inspired byAlso published here 26
John Bannon Bluff Switch Move as sandwich with card is cut into deck
Related to
  • booklet "Mirage"
Also published here
John Benzais Benzais Spin Cut
John Bannon Full Circle reproduction of three Aces after previous routine
Also published here 32
John Bannon Four-Fold Foresight "A/k/a Cardzilla's Amazing Self-Working Origami Card Trick"
tapestry folding with multi-stage prediction (as in shuffle-bored)
Variations 37
John Bannon Origami Poker Revisited tapestry folding, Royal Flush finish
Related toAlso published here 45
John Bannon Riverboat Poker openly recited overhand shuffling formula, combined with Gardner/Marlo deal
Also published here 47
John Bannon Play It Straight (Triumph) "a/k/a 'The Bannon Triumph'"
ordered suit reversed & distributed as finale
Also published here 56
John Bannon The Einstein Overkill combined with Ace revelation
Also published here 59
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