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328 pages (Stapled), published by Kaufman and Greenberg
Illustrated with drawings.
Language: English

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Jon Racherbaumer A Decade Later introduction to the reprint of issue 1
1 2
Richard Kaufman Publisher's Note on what Kaufman disagrees with in the issue
1 3
Jon Racherbaumer First Words
1 5
Jon Racherbaumer Round-Trip Travellers
Inspired by 1 6
Unknown Paused Elmsley Count to hide discrepancy
1 8
Edward Marlo Student's Exchange two methods
Also published here 1 10
Edward Marlo Fake Inside Pocket Insertion card apparently placed in inside pocket, classic palmed in same hand
1 11
Edward Marlo Marlo Count Displacement five as four, card extracted with buckling at penultimate count, originally from TOPS
1 12
Edward Marlo Covered Transfer empty hand, inside pocket
1 12
Edward Marlo Switchless Switch Variation
1 13
Jon Racherbaumer Marlo Card-to-Pocket Items in Print list of 21 of Marlo's card-to-pocket tricks in print
1 16
Jon Racherbaumer Commentary on Penn and Teller
1 18
Edward Marlo Detached Collectors aces isolated on table or
  • To the Pocket
  • To the Card Case
1 20
Jon Racherbaumer (reviewer) Table Side Manners by Ben Harris
weird review in dialogue form
1 23
Jon Racherbaumer Future Trap faro, two handlings
Inspired by 1 24
Lee Freed Impossibilist patent/trademark copy
1 29
Jon Racherbaumer Olram Cunningly Catches a Card three-card-catch routine
1 31
Edward Marlo Sandwich Catch Three-Card-Catch handling
Related to 1 32
Jon Racherbaumer The 1003-1006 Aces three handlings (despite title)
Inspired by 1 33
Edward Marlo Bottom Card Displacement exchanging bottom two cards
1 34
Jon Racherbaumer Someone Called me a Fool...
1 36
Jon Racherbaumer An Apparitional Bit of Nonsense five cards change two times
Inspired by 1 37
Unknown Flushtration Count credit comments
1 37
Jon Racherbaumer On the Spread Cull essay on culling and convincing control, credit rant
Related to 1 40
Jon Racherbaumer Final Commentary
1 49
Jon Racherbaumer Introduction
2 2
Frank Shields Frank Shields' Letter to Marlo to Ed Marlo, 1961-12-22
2 4
Edward Marlo Marlo's Routine for Abbott's Chinese Coins sixteen gold coins change to silver, then to various colors
Related to 2 8
Jon Racherbaumer (reviewer) Cursory Commentary on Close-up Fantasies Books 1 & 2 by Paul Harris
going through every trick in the books
2 10
Jon Racherbaumer (reviewer) Cursory Commentary on Close-up Fantasies Book 2 by Paul Harris
tricks of book II
2 12
Jon Racherbaumer Bombshell Twins free selection travels into Bendix Bombshell wallet twice
Inspired by 2 15
Stewart James The Gnikool Device a duplicate of freely chosen card is added to a deck via deck switch before replacement
2 16
Marvin Johnson LSDM Aces
Inspired by 2 19
Marvin Johnson LSDR Aces
Inspired by 2 20
Daryl Martinez Patter for the "Ropes of India"
2 22
Edward Marlo Clipper Passage top card paper clipped and placed in table, transforms into selection
2 24
Neal Elias Deuce Sandwich Ideas three handlings, dated 1956
2 26
Jon Racherbaumer Racherbaumer Letter to Bill Larsen 1974-08-15, about Michael Albright's "Utility Card Switch" from Genii
Related to 2 28
Marty Kane Better Than Best Lie Speller simplified
Inspired by 2 31
Marty Kane Simplex Lie Speller
Variations 2 32
Marty Kane Complex Simplex Lie Speller
2 32
Jon Racherbaumer Whose Oil and Water? credit essay, seven pages
2 33
Jon Racherbaumer (reviewer) Million Dollar Card Secrets by Frank Garcia
going through every trick in the book, 1972
2 40
Richard Kaufman Publisher's Note explaining that this issue contains Racherbaumer's MarloPhile 1 & 2 plus more
3 2
Jon Racherbaumer I Introduction Introduction to Marlophile 1
3 (Marlophile 1) 4
Jon Racherbaumer Marlo's Personal Annotations introduction to the hand-written comments to Vernon's book
3 (Marlophile 1) 5
Edward Marlo (reviewer) Inner Secrets of Card Magic by Dai Vernon (written by Lewis Ganson)
commentary on every item
3 (Marlophile 1) 6
Edward Marlo Four of a Kind Magician and Spectator each exchange some cards which turn out to be four of a kind
3 (Marlophile 1) 8
Edward Marlo Picking Off the Pip
3 (Marlophile 1) 11
Edward Marlo Erdnase plus Marlo
Related to 3 (Marlophile 1) 11
Edward Marlo Tent Vanish Routine
3 (Marlophile 1) 13
Edward Marlo Ambitious Rise card rises from side, put in center, repeated
Inspired by 3 (Marlophile 1) 14
Edward Marlo Ten Card Poker Deal credit information and claim
Related to 3 (Marlophile 1) 14
Edward Marlo Chinese Second Deal Variation simplified
Inspired by 3 (Marlophile 1) 15
Edward Marlo Marlo's Variation Of The Zarrow Shuffle
  • First Variation
  • Second Variation
  • Third Variation
  • Fourth Variation (see "Gambler's False Shuffle" reference)
  • Marlo's False Shuffle
  • A Cutting Action
  • Easy Technique For The Zarrow Shuffle
Inspired byAlso published here 3 (Marlophile 1) 17
Jon Racherbaumer Marlo in Ibidem (1956-1969) list of Marlo's contributions
3 (Marlophile 1) 22
Jon Racherbaumer II Introduction Introduction to Marlophile 2, on Ed Marlo, his reputation and his relationship to Dai Vernon
3 (Marlophile 2) 25
Edward Marlo (reviewer) Further Inner Secrets of Card Magic by Dai Vernon (written by Lewis Ganson)
"Marlo's Personal Annotation", commentary on every item in the book
3 (Marlophile 2) 30
Edward Marlo The Easy Way: Bottom Deal For The Millions deck held in right hand, left hand peels off cards from top/bottom
3 41
Edward Marlo Two Memory Bits - Bit One marking a deck with its stack number
3 43
Edward Marlo Two Memory Bits - Bit Two spectator names card, performer names number, with new pack order and straddle faros
3 44
Edward Marlo Mental Lie
  • First Method (memorized deck)
  • Second Method (stay stack)
Inspired by 3 45
Edward Marlo Slop Shuffle Or Triumph? slop followed by riffle shuffle, no selection, Aces face-up at end
Related to 3 47
Jon Racherbaumer Whispering Snitch selection divined with whispering card
3 49
Jon Racherbaumer Introduction
4 4
Jon Racherbaumer A Glimpse Through the Fourth-Wall Window
4 5
Jon Racherbaumer Charlie Miller's Material in Expert Card Technique list
4 6
Edward Marlo Uncontrolled Prediction
Related to 4 6
Jon Racherbaumer Indecent Exposure? on exposure, Steve Forte on Hidden Secrets of Magic
4 8
Blair Bowling Numero Trois faro
Inspired byRelated to 4 8
Blair Bowling Breathing Heavy selection under table, spectator reverses card anywhere, it is used to count to selection
Related to
  • "The Serendipity Deck" (David Regal, Magic Manuscript Vol. 7 No. 3)
4 10
Edward Marlo Marlo on the Christ Force second variation, key placement
Also published here 4 10
Jon Racherbaumer Hofzinser, Carried Away
4 11
Jon Racherbaumer Putting a Placement in its Place credit essay on the spread cull and convincing control
4 13
Jon Racherbaumer Wee Madness In Vegas meeting Jerry Sadowitz, quoting letter from Jon to Jerry
4 17
Jon Racherbaumer Footnotes To A Book-in-Limbo on the Don Alan book, letter from Louis Falanga to Jon Racherbaumer
4 19
Jon Racherbaumer Busby Follies Redux
  • letter to Jeff Busby as reply to Busby's review of "Wild Card Kit", 1992-07-05
  • letter to T. A. Waters (on Busby and "Card Finesse II"), 1993-03-12
  • note to Lou Gallo on Steve Beam comment on Marlo's Mental Reverse in "The Trapdoor"
4 23
Jon Racherbaumer "F" Is For Fake on fake psychics, James Randi
4 26
Jon Racherbaumer Wishes, Kickers, And The Real Work cards become blank as kicker
Inspired by 4 27
Jon Racherbaumer While Waiting For Godot Aces change to Kings and back, kings to pocket, followed by more routines, see below
Related to 4 31
Jon Racherbaumer Spin Mode spectator recovers from surprise
4 33
Philip T. Goldstein The New Elevator Variation
Inspired by 4 34
Roger Smith, John Bannon Maxi Twist - Bannon Handling transformation kicker
4 35
Dai Vernon, Edward Marlo Direct Addition spontaneous add
4 36
Lee Freed A Bondian Collusion combination of three cited routine
Inspired by 4 38
Lee Freed All-Around Elmsley Display avoiding discrepancy in face-up Elmsley Count
4 38
Edward Marlo Easy One-Hand Card Switch - Second Variation
Also published here 4 39
Jon Racherbaumer Dong Fu on smut magic
4 41
Edward Marlo Card Stack Demo kings openly stacked, tens and aces end up also, faro and overhand stacking, correction from reference
  • Triple Faro Control
Related to 4 42
Edward Marlo Lessinout Stack Handling
4 43
Jon Racherbaumer Yakety-Yak Tack essay on patter
4 45
Jon Racherbaumer Last Card to Laugh signed card with smiley sticker on back, four Jacks removed, smiley sticker appears on back of each one by one, one changes into selection
Inspired by
  • "Smiley Face" (David Solomon, Solomon's Magic Bulletin #75, June 2015)
5 5
Unknown All Alike Display with extra card
5 7
Jon Racherbaumer The Sounds of Silence? on silence in a performance
5 9
Jon Racherbaumer Face Value? on tells and face reading
5 10
Edward Marlo, Frank Garcia Elevated Elevator
5 12
Jon Racherbaumer Shiner Notes collection of information
  • List of Shiners Commercially Sold
  • Early Reference
  • Shiners Can Be Hidden In...
  • Potter's Index References
5 17
Roy Baker Shiner, Shiner chrome tape
5 20
John Cornelius John Cornelius Thoughts watch as shiner
Related to 5 21
Geno Munari Geno Munari on Shiners
5 25
Geno Munari Reading a card from the back
5 28
Jon Racherbaumer Remembrance of Things Passed commentary on the pass and its status
5 29
Jon Racherbaumer About a Procedure for the Clock Trick credit information
Related to 5 31
Edward Marlo The Synchronized Clock Procedure brief
Also published here 5 31
Jon Racherbaumer The Cardini Control on Cardini's Overhand Multiple Shift and related material
Related to 5 32
Justin Branch The Cardini/Branch Shuffle Cull injogging cards while removing others, those are then controlled with multiple shift
Inspired byAlso published here
  • "Progressive Card Magic" (1985)
5 33
Steven Youell, Cardini The Cardini Multiple Shift
Inspired byAlso published here
  • "Weapons of Mass Destruction" (2004, p. 45)
5 35
Jon Racherbaumer Niggling Narrativity about a presentational framework
5 36
Jon Racherbaumer New-and-Clear Force Ace-through-King set-up, card chosen by first chosen value then suit, card not really forced but under control
Inspired by
  • "Variation: Beam’s Artificial Nuclear Force" (David Solomon, Solomon's Bulletin #81, Jan. 2016
Related to
5 37
Allan Ackerman Dribble Cross-Cut Force
5 38
Jon Racherbaumer Bare-Faced Boys with Deck in Hand on Card Stars of past and present, Juan Tamariz
5 40
Gene Castillon Impromptu Casino Shuffle thirteen-card packet, three cards found
Inspired by
  • "Low Down Triple Dealing Principle" (Colm Mulcahy)
5 42
Unknown Controlled Charlier Shuffle
5 43
Colm Mulcahy Low Down Triple Dealing Principle
5 43
Jon Racherbaumer Notes on Peek Decks
5 52
Edward Marlo Marlo's Spread Lift risky
Related to
  • Ibidem
5 53
Jon Racherbaumer (reviewer) Magic: On the Edge - Trick-Soup For Dummies? by Jim Steinmeyer
Television Review: Jim Steinmeyer’s "Magic On The Edge", Fox Family Cable Network FAM-TV Friday, September 10, 1999
5 54
Jon Racherbaumer Constructive Criticism
5 62
Jon Racherbaumer Thrown by the Switch credit essay on the Throw/Versa switch
Related to 5 63
Jon Racherbaumer Three Suspects and a Perp AH to 3H jump around, inspired by Steve Reynolds performance
Inspired by 5 70
Jon Racherbaumer, Frank Shields Frank Shields: Bits and Pieces collection of material from Frank Shields
6 3
Frank Shields Ambitious Card Bit card appears face-up on tabled deck
from a letter by Ed Marlo to Jeff Busby (June 8, 1979)
Related to 6 4
Frank Shields Catching the Cards Frank Shields Display, from double friction toss
Also published here 6 4
Frank Shields Another Rub-Note putting card apparently underneath case instead of hand
6 6
Frank Shields Another Quick Bit bit for the Fadeaway Card Change, from Hugard's Magic Monthly, April 1946
Related to 6 6
Frank Shields Another Rub-a-dub-dub cards to pocket climax, from Hugard's Magic Monthly, Feb 1948
Inspired by 6 7
Pete Biro Frank Shields Anecdote Vernon watches Frank Shields, from Genii, March 1979
6 7
Frank Shields Ambitious Card Routine avoiding too many double lifts, from Genii, April 1948
6 9
Unknown Seven/Eight Misshow
6 10
Frank Shields Gardner-Marlo Poker Deal Variation
6 11
Frank Shields Impromptu Double Backer
Also published here 6 12
Mike Rogers About Frank Shields from The Complete Mike Rogers (1975)
6 13
Leo Behnke About Frank Shields from Magic For Bartenders Encore
6 14
Frank Shields Right-Handed Pressure Fan suggestion
Also published here 6 15
Edward Marlo Super-Counting Caper
Inspired by 6 15
Jon Racherbaumer On Al Keene
6 15
Edward Marlo Count 1 off the deck, with sucker element
6 16
Edward Marlo Count 2 buckle count, last card snaps off fingers
6 17
Edward Marlo Count 7 Carlyle count like
6 22
Jon Racherbaumer Cutting the Glut coping with the number of releases
6 30
Jon Racherbaumer Buckle Count Credit Information Charlie Miller should get credit, according to Vernon
6 30
Charles Simac Everybody is a Magician poem from Charles Simac's "Walking The Black Cat" (1996)
6 31
Jon Racherbaumer Re: Rereading on revisiting books, anecdote on how Racherbaumer obtained Ed Marlo's "Faro Controlled Miracles"
6 32
Jon Racherbaumer Quick Note for the Cow-Pawed, Gibble-Fisted, Scram-Handed, Ballock-Handed, Keg-Handed and Cack-Handed Brethren on left-handedness
6 36
Jon Racherbaumer (reviewer) Banvard's Folly: Thirteen Tales of Renowned Obscurity, Famous Anonymity, and Rotten Luck by Paul Collins
review titled "Shades of Ricky Jay"
6 38
Jon Racherbaumer The Credit Game
  • Rules of Expropriation and Reformulation
6 40
Jon Racherbaumer Magic as Stamp Collecting? on magic as a science and Ed Marlo in print
6 43
Jon Racherbaumer Marlo and the Second-Dealing Monkey
6 45
Jon Racherbaumer Remembering Al Koran with story about performance of the Five Star Prediction, quotes by others about Koran
6 47
Jon Racherbaumer Guess What? with a physical and a mental selection, Solomon's Time Warp Wallet
Inspired by 6 51
Jon Racherbaumer Color Monte Notes
  • Where did it all begin?
  • Some Spin-Offs of "Color Monte"
6 55
Bill Elliott 3-Card Monkey Business Color Monte precursor, first published in Ibidem #16
6 56
Edward Marlo Quick Three-Way originally from Ibidem #15
6 60
Jon Racherbaumer B'Wave Notes
6 66
Edward Marlo Tabled Bottom Placement
Inspired byAlso published here 6 67
Jon Racherbaumer Coda
6 70