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Frank Garcia Introduction some advice and do's and don'ts on magicAlso published here
Frank Garcia Bluff Ace Opener magicians cuts four piles, all Aces, taking more card in last packet 1
Frank Garcia Impossible 4 Ace Revelation magicians cuts four piles, all AcesVariations 2
Frank Garcia Four Aces Surprise spectator places Aces in the deck face-up while doing an overhand shuffle, shuffle version of Gemini TwinsRelated to 3
Frank Garcia My Uncle's Card Trick homing card, four Kings and an Ace, four Aces and one King as a kicker 3
Frank Garcia The Fastest Switch I Know other cards reversed under top card, handling variation 4
Frank Garcia Spectacular Routine four Aces are produced one by one 5
Frank Garcia Double Header performer finds wrong card and it's mates, wrong card turns into selection and mates of selections are produced 6