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Al Cohn Mental Marvels with general comments on mentalism, two numbers thought of and divined (psychological forces), last number or word always is right
Related to Dec. 1945 171
Psychological Forces Psychological forces with psychologically appealing numbers (37, 68)
Related to 1956 173
Jochen Zmeck "Perfekt" - ein neuer Buchtest book chosen, two digits named (range force) to select page and word, both predicted
1960 28
Chan Canasta Oops 13: Think of a number Think of a number between 49 and 98, both digits even, not the same.
1966 28
Gerald Kosky "I've Got Your Number!" numbers written on paper, psychological force of one
1975 240
George B. Anderson Three-Way Prediction predicting a letter, shape and one-digit number
1976 18
Harry Lorayne I've Got Your Number two-digit number, odd different digits
1977 227
Harry Lorayne A Lorayne Storm simple number force idea
May 1979
Apocalypse (Vol. 2 No. 5)
A Mind for Figures No. 10, psychological force of two numbers, "It will work most of the time"
1979 13
Psychological Forces two digit number and geometric symbol inside another symbol
1984 30
T. Page Wright Psychological Card Problems introduction to psychological forces and things like that
  • Psychological Forces
1991 278
T. Page Wright Psychological Number Forces seven and fifteen, usage for card divination
1991 279
John Northern Hilliard Fragment: Notes for a Chapter on The Psychology of Magic collection of different psychological forces of numbers and cards
1994 1154
John Mulholland Another Psychological Trick a la Mulholland psychological forces
1994 1157
Die Siebzehnerforce number seventeen
Mar. 1995
Intermagic (Vol. 19 No. 2)
Harry Lorayne Think Of A Number psychological force of number with multiple out prediction in Himber wallet, different odd digits or even digits
1998 139
Allan Slaight Forcing 17 or 18 psychological force
Nov./Dec. 2002
Penumbra (Issue 4)
Luke Jermay A Presentation for the number force between one and ten
2003 137
Karl Fulves Karate Force psychological force for five
Prolix (Issue 4)
Roberto Giobbi How to Limit a Number
Secret Agenda (Issue Nov 9)
Barrie Richardson Giuoco Piano three psychological forces (carrot, two-digit and three-digit number), then one number with nail writer
2011 81
Michael Murray Boomerang Forcing Technique verbally forcing a certain even number between one and five
2014 43
Michael Murray The Boomerang Force verbally forcing a certain even number between one and five, allowing the spectator to change his mind twice
Variations 2014 214
Harry Lorayne 68 Force asking for a number with even digits between fifty and hundred
2017 222
Dani DaOrtiz Numerical estimation by a spectator how to verbally force most numbers, low and high, and how to always arrive at the desired number
2021 55
Dani DaOrtiz Number 18 verbally force the number 18
2021 56
Dani DaOrtiz Making number two more likely to be selected verbally force the number 2, brief trick application of force
2021 56
Markobi Markobi Finger Force forcing a number while putting up fingers one by one and asking the spectator to stop, timing
2023 6