Written by Michael Murray
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264 pages (Paperback), published by Haresign Press
Illustrated with photographs
Language: English
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Mark Elsdon Foreword
Peter Turner Foreword
Stephen Shaw Foreword
Michael Murray About the Author
Michael Murray Tattle Tailed two spectators get a set of five ESP cards, first one symbol match and in second phase all match
Inspired by
  • Peter Turner's "Tattle Tail" in "Bigger Fish"
Howard A. Adams Dealflipdropcut credited to Paul Curry as the Swindle Switch
Related to 23
Michael Murray A Brave New World cards shuffled face up into face down, then sorted by spectator into two piles
Inspired by
  • David Cushing's "Mad World"
Michael Murray ATM (Actual Thought Manipulation) divination of an emotion and apparently of spectator's PIN number
Inspired by
  • Haim Goldenberg's "Cryptext"
Related to
  • Michael Murray's "Your (Redundant) Number" in "Psychological Subtleties 3"
Michael Murray Boomerang Forcing Technique verbally forcing a certain even number between one and five
Michael Murray Sublime Influence Evolution some cards with numbers are selected and mixed, number matches reversed logo of Pepsi
Michael Murray Daylight Robbery cracking the code of spectator's phone
Inspired by
  • Myke Phillips & Salah Aazedine's "iUnlock Your Mind"
Michael Murray Between the Lines a story/scene is created, torn page matches with the decisions of spectator
Michael Murray, Jonathan Pickard Word Force position on a torn page, held by spectator
Michael Murray The Inversion Technique changing perception of a trick, e.g. spectator divines thoughts of performer
Michael Murray Making Mentalism Memorable on people taking photographs to make the moments more memorable
Michael Murray On the Level on getting a feeling what people believe in the beginning of the show
Michael Murray Spectator as Mind Reader
Michael Murray What Does a Mentalist Do? verbal introduction to increase cooperation
Michael Murray Dave's Pin giving details of personal Pin information from five people without naming the exact code, here called "the Hoy Principle"
Michael Murray Picasso thought of animals are divined, using the Triangle / Circle force as a start
Michael Murray Why Write Down a Thought? thoughts on using billets, justification
Michael Murray The Circle of Truth thought of word is found on business card in performer's wallet
Michael Murray Crossword prediction of a word on a piece of paper
Michael Murray The Racquet Switch using trouser pocket
Michael Murray What are Principles? chapter intro
Michael Murray Small but Deadly Book Break Turnover Glimpse, verbal convincer for covering the peek, Marlo / Tenkai / Buckley Book Turnover Glimpse
Michael Murray The Universal Force Technique using six numbered business cards to force an object
  • The Gypsy Peek
Inspired by
  • Ken Dyne's "iThought So"
Related to
Michael Murray Cal-Ender divination of a number typed in on an iPhone calculator
Inspired by
  • Kenton Knepper's "Kenton's Calculation" in Peter Turner's "Isabella Star 2"
Michael Murray Springboard spectator forms a card by compare it with his selection
  • The Knowing
  • The Killer (approach to Kenton Knepper's "Kolossal Killer")
  • Duplopia (approach to Paul Vigil's "Diplopia")
  • Springback
  • Invisible Deck Application
  • Springboard for the Stage
  • Increasing Accuracy
  • Springboard Suit Exchange for Perfectionists
  • Back Tracking
  • Other Applications
  • Watch This
  • Springboard & Letters
  • Springboard & Colours
  • Closing Thoughts
Inspired by 164
Michael Murray Thought Unlinking principle, spectator has two pieces of information in mind, the are revealed apparently unlinked to each other
  • The Mother of all Book Tests
  • Precognition 365
  • Multi-Dimensional / Real Die
Michael Murray The Comparative Uncertainty Principle (CUP's), system to detect if someone is thinking of a long or a short word
Related to 192
Peter Turner The Confirmation Principle asking a question to make a person think of something
Michael Murray My Bookless Booktest prediction written on billet inside wallet
Michael Murray Un-Real question on business card which one spectator should read, divining who has read the question, principle
Related to
  • Atlas Brookings "The Real Thing" and Patrick Redford's "Prevaricator"
Michael Murray The Boomerang Force verbally forcing a certain even number between one and five, allowing the spectator to change his mind twice
Variations 214
Michael Murray The Pandora Reading System using Pandora charm bracelets for readings
Michael Murray Animal Instincts divination of drawn symbol, more features attached to be used for a reading
Michael Murray Personal Identification Number apparently divining the PIN code of a spectator
Inspired by
  • "Subtle Telephone" in Banachek's "Psychologcial Subtleties 1"
Michael Murray Consulting the News two words are selected from a book and used to find a word which combines selected ones, prediction
Inspired by
  • Atlas Brookings' book test in "The Real Thing"
Michael Murray, Stephen Shaw Once Removed deck is divided into three piles, spectator removes a card and its mate, two cards are divined, two different stacks explained
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