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John A. Novak Incalculable forcing a number with a calculator
Related to 1974
Magick (Issue 116)
Fredric Kolb ... And the Last Word on perfect calculator model for Novak's Calcu-Total
Inspired by 1974
Magick (Issue 117)
David Britland Calculated Mysteries prediction / force with calculator, memory button, Uri Geller anecdote
The Talon (Issue 2)
Paul Brignall 50337 calculator force, name of a selected city when number is turned over
Sep. 1983
Spell-Binder (Vol. 3 No. 29)
Justin Higham Hello calculator reveals word hello, which is also found on Joker
Sep. 1983
Spell-Binder (Vol. 3 No. 29)
Rudolf Braunmüller Taschenrechner-Zahlenforce Toxic force and applications
June 1993
Intermagic (Vol. 18 No. 1)
Richard Busch, David Altman Perspectives TOXIC force using a calculator
Related toAlso published here
  • "M-U-M" April, 1992.
Jan. 1993
Vibrations (Vol. 15 No. 7)
Mel Bennett Card 37 number force for 37 with calculator
Inspired by
  • "Letter for a Stranger" (Stewart James)
Rigmarole (Issue 8)
Mel Bennett An 8-Cylinder Deal forcing the number eight
1995 14
Karl Fulves Add Infinitum number entered by performer into calculator, spectator adds a number, result predicted
1998 12
Karl Fulves Cheap Trick number entered by performer into calculator, spectator adds a number, result predicted
1998 14
Karl Fulves Cheat Method number entered by performer into calculator, spectator adds a number, result predicted
1998 15
Karl Fulves Swindler's List number forced with calculator and number cards, character reading presentation with a list of character traits
1998 21
Karl Fulves Force-O-Matic forcing either 99 or 100 with calculator
1998 23
Karl Fulves Really Guess Your Age calculator returns age of spectator
1998 25
Karl Fulves Meant For Each Other two rows of cards, calculation made with calculator arrives at two digit number, those two spots are exchanged in the rows, the rows then match
1998 27
Karl Fulves Now Hear This number forced with calculator, prediction via object in envelope that corresponds to an ad in newspaper on that page
1998 30
Karl Fulves Lock Without Keys number force with calculator, combination lock presentation
1998 31
Karl Fulves King's Row number force with calculator, four-digit number used to find the Kings in row of cards on table
1998 32
Karl Fulves Square Route square root pushed any number of times on calculator to force a digit, used to force a group of three cards in tabled layout, one of that is then divined, alternative presentation with horse race track prediction
1998 33
Karl Fulves Forgetful Figures several spectators add up numbers on calculators, total divined
1998 45
Lewis Jones I've got your number number force with a calculator
Inspired by
  • Michael de Marco, Linking Ring, May 2001
2002 242
Doug Canning, Steve Beam Double Digit Inflation using the Tent Prediction as a two-way out
Inspired by 2004 135
Mick Ayres Calculated Risk number is formed with calculator, cards are mixed and match the total, using A Swindle of Sorts
2004 138
Robert E. Neale The Soul in the Machine Do some calculation on calculator, when final result is turned over it reveals a message in English
2008 275
Robert E. Neale High Noon Do some calculation on calculator, final result reveals numbers related to God's creation
2008 281
Bob Farmer Toxic forcing a number with a calculator
2015 51
Number Force with calculator or cell phone
2016 147
Michael Weber, Tim Trono TOXCCO Force spectator adds up numbers on calculator
Inspired by
  • TOXIC Force ("Calculation Sensation", Bob King, ca. 1989)
2022 7