Written by Jochen Zmeck
Work of Jochen Zmeck
28 pages (Stapled), published by Zentralhaus für Kulturarbeit
Illustrated with drawings
Language: German
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Jochen Zmeck Der abgedankte König King changes into blank card with "I resigned", partial rough-smooth
Related to 5
Ronald A. Wohl (Ravelli) Leichte Kartenverwandlung one card from a small packet changes, partial rough-smooth
Arthur Rasper Mehrfache Kartenverwandlung four cards transform on both sides multiple times, partial rough-smooth in three sections
Arthur Rasper Der Tempel der Venus three cards, some transformations with story presentation, partial rough-smooth in three sections
Arthur Rasper Der halbe Zauberspruch three Tens of Hearts, one changes to a King, then it changes back half-way (divided card is shown openly), then back to a Ten
Jochen Zmeck Non Plus Ultra "Mein Verwandlungsspiel"
deck shown normal, then all cards are alike and back changes as well, then back, partial rough-smooth
Related to 11
Jochen Zmeck Schwarz-Rot black cards with blue backs put in one case, red cars with red back in another, they transpose, partial rough-smooth
Kosmische Strahlen triple transformation deck, rough-smooth and short-long
Jochen Zmeck Ein neuer Sechskartentrick partial rough-smooth
Arthur Rasper Die sich drehende Karte three cards, center one turns over, partial rough-smooth
Jochen Zmeck Medium partial rough-smooth, red and black alternate, then force blocks, three phases:
1. spectator says if top card is red or black, he is always right
2. spectator names position of a given card, the card is at that position
3. performer put unknown card in pocket, spectator divines it
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Ralph W. Hull Trigon II three cards are selected from a deck and put in three glasses, a spectator then takes three cards from another deck that are put with the first cards, when the pairs are turned over, they match, partial rough-smooth red-blue menetekel
Variations 21
Al Koran Erfüllte Gedankenwünsche two cards selected and spectators find them with small number or stop, two-card mirage deck, partial rough-smooth
Die Karten-Guillotine three cards with holes, center card penetrates finger through hole, partial rough-smooth
Bill Edwards Out of this World II partial rough-smooth
Also published here
  • Abracadabra No. 698, p. 344, 1959
Trevor H. Hall, Jochen Zmeck Ein R.-G.-Vierastrick partial rough-smooth
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