7 entries in Chip / Traveling
Creators Title Comments & References Year Source Page AA Categories
Lewis Ganson The Sympathetic Discs matrix on four corners of handkerchief with four different colored discs and two covers
  • Suggestion by Terence J. Coates
Inspired by 1952 82
Ellison Poland A New Dress For Chink-A-Chink thick wooden discs
1969 183
Jochen Zmeck Chipwanderung one of six chosen chips vanishes from paper bag and appears in a box
Inspired by
  • "Poker Chip Chicanery" (Al Koran, Jack Avis, marketed ca. 1953)
1972 16
Jochen Zmeck, Hanns Thielemann, Herbert Paufler Das Mikro-Duell traveling chip with mechanical box apparatus
Inspired by 1972 17
Jerry Mentzer Four Colors Get Together with poker chips on corners of handkerchief and 1 cardboard cover
1973 110
Amedeo Vacca Monte Carlo Chips three chips, X drawn on one, monte routine
1974 41
Karl Fulves Named Dropper four different-colored poker chips in hand, named color vanishes, or named chip vanishes and reappears in stooge's hand
2002 226