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Dr. Lazlo Rothbart Kartenclairvoyance divination of playing card
Hokus Pokus (Vol. 6 No. 1)
Herbert Hood A Mental Test Revamped thought-of card divined via center tear
Also published here 1944 310
U. F. Grant Fire Reading center tear, center piece sticks to card
Mar. 1949 10
Tommy Vanderschmidt In the Suit thought of card is reversed, spectator selects a paper with a suit and writes value inside
Aug. 1953
The Phoenix (Issue 287)
Art Spring Divining Cup numbered slips with information written by spectators in cup, performer divines contents, slips secretly burned via flash paper
Oct. 1970 367
Joseph K. Schmidt Center Tear spectator writes card in center of square paper, cut into four pieces and puzzled together so a center section is missing, can be presented as pseudo center tear, see p. 527 for comment by L. Vosburgh Lyons
Inspired by Feb. 1971 398
Dr. Jacob Daley Daley's Wrinkle For A Good Trick No. 209, spectator divines the card the performer is thinking of, center tear
1972 50
Billet Trick Mindreading No. 454, card peeked, another one thought of (or something else), both written on billets and divined
1972 128
Al Mann The Mag-Eye Move while performer tears billet, message is read, with variation
Related to 1981 13
Edward Marlo Tears Without Tears instant Reading
1983 158
Edward Marlo Tears Without Tears 2 instant Reading
1983 312
Jas Jakutsch JaJa Center Tear no-steal technique
1999 5
Paul Curry Alias Sherlock Holmes center tear presentation, revealing the word by analyzing the burnt paper
2001 143
Terry Godfrey Party Partners spectator writes down card, partner finds it by eliminating 51 cards, PATEO
Syzygy (Vol. 5 No. 17)