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16 pages (Spiralbound), published by Al Mann Exclusives

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Al Mann Foreward
Al Mann Acidus introduction and rave for the moveVariations 1
Al Mann The Preparations prefolding 4
Al Mann The Presentation and Method preparing the switch 5
Unknown The Temple Switch Related to
  • "Revelations of a Spirit Medium" in 1891 and Eddie Joseph's"My Billet Switch" in "Magic of the Mind" in 1952
Al Mann Opening and Reading the Billet secret reading, with dummy still in hand 8
Al Mann The Display Flourish opening the billet right side up to the audience 11
Al Mann TIps on Practicing tips on practicing the Acidus method, on the First-Finger-Grip, on Opening the Billet, and on the Temple Switch 12
Al Mann The Moral of the Story D. Tsukalas selling "The Mysterious Panel Board" around New York City, why it looks perfect in his hands and why people buying it are disapponted 14
Al Mann Challenges and Outs tips on the Acidus 14
Al Mann Precautions how to ensure that the billet is not folded more then twice, Acidus 15
Al Mann The Telephone Effect random person phoned, name divined, method for "On the Wire"Inspired by 15
Al Mann Final Notes 16
Al Mann A Short Cut alternative handling for Acidus 16